Thursday, 30 October 2014

I have created horror

Excuse the scruffy kitchen.
I think this is as bad as it gets
I have made a pot in my pottery class which is so hideous I almost feel the world can't support it, and then I have taken a hideous photo of it in the kitchen while it is scruffy (while the kitchen is scruffy) and in bad light. It cracked after its first firing (the bottom dropped off), and I was secretly delighted. I looked at the pottery teacher sadly and said I felt it was unrescuable. He looked at me back and said 'nonsense. Araldite' and I knew I was doomed. In the end, the glaze stuck it back on in the second firing and I am instructed to 'put a plant in it because then the water can drain out through the crack'. You see, it's almost like a design feature.

The small blue pot with the protrusions I quite like though. Admire my innovative use of glaze!
Bonus picture of stylish new boots. Yes, I'm shamelessly taking you right back to 1991

Sod it

I'm back on blogger.