Sunday, 31 August 2014

Yeah, yeah

I know this is the wrong blog. Why did I go off blogger? I can't remember. Anyway, I have a new hobby and I'm going to show you pictures.

Mosaics! This is an excellent hobby because it's like patchwork but quicker and with shiny things. I make these in the ten minutes in the mornings when I am waiting for my croissant to heat up in the oven. As a result I have taken over the whole kitchen with grout and tile nippers and I accept that that might be inconvenient but tant pis.
This was from a kit. It was great. Like painting by numbers

This is a peacock feather I made up myself, and Partner, who is now partially sighted (long story) keeps walking past it and asking me what it is. Well I think it is obvious and partial sight is no excuse. He has still got one eye that works (almost)

There will be no stopping me with mosaics when I am able to take a hammer to crockery, as this will be cheaper and will give me more options. However I am finding it very difficult to actually smash crockery up, even when it is cheap and there are millions in existence, i.e. I am not actually going wildly about smashing up Ming vases to incorporate them into a birdbath. I don't know how you get over this emotionally. Clearly therapy must come before mosaic work.