Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Making Jordan look like an Urban Minimalist

Well, it certainly dyed it pink.

I’ve put more about making this dress on Wardrobe Refashion (don’t feel pressured to go and read, I just don’t want anyone to have to read about it twice, so I won't say it all again!). I’ve trimmed the threads, and it’s ready to go. I can’t say I’m sold on the pink (although I wonder if a bit more of a red tinge to make it a true fuschia might have looked quite attractive), but I’ve got to admit, I do quite like the dress, and I might experiment with making some more and with different colours. If it was black I think I would actually wear this. Perhaps I’ll overdye it when the race is over?

I’m leaning towards some kind of makeup to go with it: something like this, maybe? I should go and dig through my makeup bag and see what I’ve got. I haven’t worn makeup in a year. What’s the worst that can happen if you use old eyeshadow? Botulism? Ha. Much better than spending £1.49 on a pot of eyeshadow from Collection 2000. (That’s a joke. Obviously good eyeshadow hygiene is always practiced meticulously in this household.)


resa said...

That is such a fun dress! Very cute.

lalheg said...

Fab dress. I just saw the Grayson Perry crack and I know I'll be chuckling to myself all morning over it

I'm a bad girl who still has some make up from the 80s at the back of a drawer........ as for that look - I can't comment for you, but I know for me it would just look like I was trying to hide but inadvertently emphasise my laughter lines

Susie said...

Oh God! I never thought of that. Perhaps I'll just go and buy some stick-on crystals from Claire's Accessories. (Are you allowed in there if you're over 18?)

lalheg said...

I suspect that once you get that dress on no one will ber worried about make up and you'll just sweat it off anyhow. I have a ready made disguise for Claires Accessories - a 9 year old daughter!