Monday, 29 August 2011

Thank you for comments ++ bored of my blanket

I have been a bit AWOL. So, first I wanted to say, thank you everybody for your very helpful comments about my lace dilemma on my last post. I said to Partner, do you remember the shawl we looked at, I asked my blog readers about the pattern… And Partner said, ha! I bet they said it was very difficult! without taking his eyes off the television. Partner has been learning lots about knitting recently, I rub him with different wools (on his face, not as part of questionable practices) so he can tell the difference in fibres and so far he has pronounced Noro Kureyon Sock ‘very rough’ and says he can definitely tell it from Malabrigo (this would be a good game at Christmas, wouldn’t it? Look out for me on Dragons’ Den). Anyway, you will be excited to learn that I have decided I am going to do a Lace Apprenticeship before I attempt the difficult pattern, which might be a good thing anyway as it might make me confident enough to tackle the big size first off. So I have acquired a skein of laceweight and I am going to have a crack at Annis, which looks easy and is a shape I will wear, but has nupps so I think will be enough of a challenge. After that I shall consider myself a lace master and will go wildly crashing about knitting things that are patterned on two sides.
Non, Whiskery Grey Pussycat, genus, non te facundia, non te restituet pietas
Second, here is a traditional Cambridge pussycat photo, you might recognise this one as he has appeared on my blog before. It is Whiskery Grey Pussycat who has eyebrows just like the former Regius Professor of Latin. Partner has just walked past and told me I should not write that, and that in any case he actually looks more like the Regius Professor of Latin before the one I am referring to, whose eyebrows were apparently even more striking. What this tells you about classics faculty recruitment procedures I do not know. Anyway, Whiskery Grey Pussycat and I have advanced our acquaintance and now he lets me stroke his nose as I pass.
When will it be over?
Third, my crochet blanket which I had finished and woven the ends in on and then masochistically decided to add a border. Readers, I am very bored of this blanket and frankly I wish it would finish itself, but, I suspect it is going to be very useful very quickly as the thermostat on the central heating has broken and I have got a cold. So I press on doggedly.
A border with my trademark taste and subtlety
Fourth, it has come to my attention that a certain person of my acquaintance (it is Aunty Kath) has been looking for reduced price Mulberry bags on websites. Now, here is my handy guide for telling whether a website is likely to be genuine or not: if it refers to Mulberry bags being carried by such luminaries as ‘Kate Mose’ then I am suspecting it might not be an official Mulberry outlet. So Aunty Kath, please do not part with your credit card details for a cut-price Alexa, as I would be worried you might get something questionable with a Mulberry label sewn on, and also I am worried the label might not have Mulberry spelled correctly. Indeed it might have Primark crossed out and Mullllberrrry written underneath. The only places I know of to get cut-price it-bags are and also the various designer sample sales in London, also ebay, but recently I find I have lost my killer ebay instinct and sometimes I would rather just buy things in shops (this happens when you get old, also the whole flat shoe thing and you start to watch quiz shows on BBC4 with interest).

Hmm, that made me think. Is Only Connect on later?


mooncalf said...

I have knit Annis and I think you'll manage it with no problems at all.

Keep the loops nice and loose when you're increasing for the nupps.

Yarny Days said...

Wow! That is a incredibly beautiful blanket! Rainbow comes to mind...

Denise said...

I think you'll be able to make Annis. Remember, the fudge? Confidence.

I know what you mean about blankets that go on forever. Pretty soon, you find yourself singing "It's the blanket that never ends..." to the tune of "It's the song that never ends.." (Google Sherry and Lambchop)

What? I'm the only one. (wanders off muttering, "It goes on and on my friends...")

Susie said...

Right! I have cast on Annis and I have done two rows. All well so far.

I think one of my problems with lace has been that ironically my Denise needles (sorry Denise! No connection!) are not pointy enough - I got a knitpicks needle and it is a bit easier.

I am going off now to google Sherry and Lambchop as I suspect it may come in very useful ;-).

Denise said...

I wish there were a connection between me and the needles. I would be a rich woman. I prefer Hya Hya needles for lace. The have wonderful points, the joins are good, cable flexible and the price is right.

Good luck with Annis.