Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Taking stock of life and deciding to knit something (and sew something as well)

You remember I had a thing I was miserable about? Over it. No, really. It isn’t over (it will never be over!!!) but do you know, you get to a point where you think, we’ve laughed, we’ve hugged, we’ve cried, we’ve had catharsis, we’ve had lager, I’ve texted apologies for the texts I sent when I’d had the lager, we’re done. So there we are, the Situation is ongoing and I shall update briefly when I am in front of the House of Lords in ten years’ time or as soon as we make the Telegraph, but, I am not miserable any more.
I strongly suspect you of photographing me and thus I shall fix you with a disapproving glare
Partner is happy, as Partner spent a large part of the early months of this year standing over me like a Victorian patriarch in a melodrama, beard blowing in the draft from our inadequate central heating, shouting ‘this is not worth a single tear of yours! You have done nothing wrong! Get up NOW and get a solicitor!’ as I huddled sobbing under the duvet.

I have some actual serious advice for anyone reading this who is at the huddling sobbing under the duvet no-one-can-ever-help-me stage, so listen up briefly and then I shall show you the knitting: ring the Samaritans. It helps. I do not know how it helps, as what happens is you cry and they are sympathetic in an appropriate way, but it does. And you can sometimes get legal advice and help (right up to the providing-a-barrister stage) for free under your house and possibly car insurance, but, check the terms. I tell you these things because you may not have Partner with flowing beard standing over you in a crisis, so I have distilled there the essence of what you must do. Remember.
I just sometimes wonder what people are going to do with it when I sell them spray paint
Anyway, so here I am and I look around me and I think, gosh, I did not think I would get this far but now I have I should probably do something, perhaps I should start by sewing up some of this fabric, I don’t know.
I don't iron it before I cut it, no
I have no clue how I even acquired some of this fabric. Some of it had John Lewis labels on so I suppose that solves part of the mystery but when did I buy it? The only thing I can think of is that in times of distress I must dissassociate mentally and trot off and buy fat quarters. If you are in Cambridge and you see me ambling off towards CallyCo or John Lewis with an empty bag and a vacant expression come up to me, wave your hand in front of my eyes and say, Susie! Credit Card Bill! Stop It! And hopefully that will stop the ridiculous fabric pile from becoming any bigger. Make sure I don’t just turn round and wander off towards wool, though. Anyway, I am making an Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillow with these and I am particularly looking forward to stuffing it with bean bag beans, if anyone knows a way of doing this where I will not end up with them sticking to my entire body with static like last time let me know.
I am doing it without stitchmarkers. Scary
This is the Shawl Of Guilt, I feel bad about this. I started a knitalong with this shawl which is a very beautiful pattern from Chrissy of Stitched Together and I kind of dropped out because I had no mental capacity for knitting. Anyway, I could not forget the pattern, and I wanted the shawl, so I have started it again and I am on the last chart, somehow my mental capacity came back. Lace scares me a bit: sometimes it will not Get Knit however hard you try, sometimes it almost knits itself, it makes me think of the Fates and their thread. Anyway, this time I am hopeful. I think it will be pretty when it is done.
I keep having to buy new needles because I keep sitting on them
And a boring rainbow sock. I am Using Up Stuff, and this wool is part of the Stuff I am Using Up. I say I am Using Up Stuff: I am going to make a small exception, as I am going to buy some new wool to knit something for Dan. I am going to knit something, and in return Dan is going to do an open mic night with me. Yes, I think I will soon be ready: I can force my way through Where Did You Sleep Last Night, I have my post feminist deconstructed backing for Jolene and I have written new lyrics. Dan’s end of the bargain will involve him dealing with my inevitable hyperventilation and downing of Stella just as we are about to go on, and suppressing his winces every time I miss the change to B7: mine just involves possibily a bit of colourwork. I shall look for a suitable pattern.

I went on a trapeze at the weekend. I was really, really scared. I shall probably try it again, though.


The Foggy Knitter said...

Well done for getting to the other side of the miserable thing, it's so hard sometimes. Good advice you've given too.

When life is hard I often find myself reverting to very simple knitting as my brain has no more capacity for anything. Love the sock, great colours, very cheering.

And you just throw in there at the end that you went on a trapeze?! Wowsers! Why? Are you joining the circus?

Stitched Together said...

Don't be guilty!!!! Sometimes a project is just not what you need right now. I am always putting projects aside til another time. I've actually started another one in cashmere/silk. It's lovely but the yarn keeps knotting up and is driving me mad. I wouldn't have chosen to knit a fourth version of this shawl within a year, but my mum wants one, an I can't live with the guilt of NOT making one.

Anonymous said...

You've got my socks! I love love love that wool and even more the socks I made from it. I choose it online when I was in a bit of trauma and looking at those colours just helped me to feel better. I was looking for, and all set to buy something more pink and purple. Then I saw that wool. Then I found a picture of socks on flickr in this yarn and I had to have them. Both yours and those have a heel flap. I did mine with a short row heel. Not sure which I prefer and they both fit. I love knitting socks with colours as you never know what you are going to get. Those are my favourite socks and I protect them from moths and everything as I love them so much. They are HAPPY socks.

When I have what I call a 'crisis' (I have those all too often but I haven't had a situation). I can't do anything that involves thinking. So I am not surprised your lovely lace stalled. I can't even read a book. It must be horrible coping with something that is ongoing that you don't know when it is going to go away. I hope it does all come to a peaceful and happy resolution soon.

Mini Diva said...

My Lily's Slice of pie is in the naughty corner. I am in the *other* naughty corner ...

Magpie Mimi said...

Open bag of beans and make sure you have some room at the top of the bag, keep the bag closed with your hand and stuff into the opening you've left in the gum drop pillow and then pour/shake until bean bag is empty and pillow full. Worked for me anyway but then I made sure the bag of beans wasn't bigger than the pillow so knew there would be the minimum of spillage.

Have you tried the Citizen's Advice Bureau with regards to your situation? I've heard tell they can be useful. Sometimes your employer has legal teams that you can use so maybe see if that's a possibility. Good luck, hope it all works out in your favour.