Monday, 2 September 2013

Retro prints

Came home from work, ate biscuits, watched The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills, fell asleep, made a cushion
I ran 8k at the weekend and I think it has killed me
love a retro pattern, I do
sat in garden, did ironing, failed to add anything to in-progress oil painting
It's a skyline. Or, it will be
drank tea, ate more biscuits, emailed friend to see if he has completed on his flat yet because it has been an exciting saga. Now am off to make dinner (lentil curry).

I am tired and unproductive but tomorrow I will be livelier. (Until I have the root canal done. I am seeing the hygienist first which means I will have to have my mouth open for over an hour. I feel this is a situation in which you can probably provide your own joke, so I will leave you to do so).


Vivianne said...

Wow, that fabric is ever so retro70s ....beige and all. Never seen a blog post by a zombie before :-D