Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Another Woolly Hat

Do you love me more than the hat? Do you though? Do you?
Hat – By my mother.
Modelled – By my brother Dan.
Sofa – Marks and Spencer.
Cushion – I am strongly suspecting Dunelm Mill.
Wool – From Kemps wool shop in an exciting Rowan bargain bag last Christmas.
Pattern – Who knows? This is my mother, she is a law unto herself.
The love of a good husky – Priceless.


MoominMamma said...

*grins* Great post! Can I cuddle the husky, please? *makes puppy dog eyes and offers cookies*

Anonymous said...

Haha, lovely! All I can think when I look at that photo is that we have that couch in green :D

AC said...

Awww! We have a husky/mutt, he should come play with our boy!

Marushka C. said...

Dogs that admire fine knitwear are definitely priceless :-)

West/CJ said...

Those are a great hat, cute brother, gorgeous dog.

Susie said...

If Milo (the husky) could read comments he would be very excited and would wave, because he is very friendly (even though he recently shamed himself by putting his nose into the shopping bag of a woman who stopped to pat him & extracting and consuming a sausage).