Monday, 11 October 2010

Pen and ink are not dead. They're just feeling a bit delicate.

Dear blog readers,
I look exactly like my brother. I'm sorry Dan, we will never escape our genes


resa said...

Hee, I love seeing other people's handwriting. Your hat is so cute! Also, I will listen to the sheep's advice because he is clever and adorable.

Anonymous said...

Amazing hat :D reminds me of ice cream. I would show you my handwriting but I've forgotten how to write xD

CraftyCripple said...

My handwriting hasn't been read by anyone except me and my OH since around 1992 when I learned to type. I type so much faster than I write so I just don't. The only time I hand write anything is for notes on the fridge and patterns that I write out in my note book as I design. You wouldn't be able to read my note books, they are illegible.

AC said...

Ugh, my handwriting is terrrrrrible. I don't even think I can manage cursive any more.

Absinthe Fairy said...

I have really bad undecipherable scrawl in place of handwriting now.

If I really really really concentrate and use and inkpen I can just about remember how to copperplate having been taught at school, but it makes my hand hurt.

Susie said...

You all couldn't shock me with your handwriting, because I know someone who has the handwriting of a serial killer. It is seriously the oddest handwriting I have ever seen. (Hope you don't read comments, K. Waving, just in case).

I can't write either now I do everything on a keyboard. I think it's a secret plot by Monkeys, and they're all holed up somewhere scribbling with biros, waiting till we're utterly deskilled and then they'll come and take over. (Insert coalition joke here ;-) ).

Julie said...

Great blog post, Susie!!! I want to write you a letter! Handwritten...I have the perfect paper.
I am the creator of The Letter Writing Revolution. Saw your comment on my blog......if you win my Giveaway, you will have to start writing letters :-)
Email me your snail mail address if you would like a letter to come "the old fashioned way." My email is
Thanks for following TLWR!
P.S I am not a serial killer ;-)

Julie said...

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