Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Let there be decent weather

It’s Spring!

I chased a bee all round the garden today trying to take a photograph of him and I failed. He was a lovely big fat one as well, with a really loud buzz. So instead I’ll have to just show you a ladybird on my lavender:
Just hanging out casually
I had to give that lavender a bit of a haircut. I do hope it fights back. It’s wonderful for attracting insects, in fact I might even go wild and plant some more.
I had to hold it up. This always seems to me to be a design fault with flowers
A posh frilly daffodil. These weren’t frilly last year so perhaps they’ve genetically mutated and someone will have to come and study them, that is fine, email address is in the sidebar, just let me know in advance and I’ll make a cake, how does chocolate sound? Or I could do lemon and rosemary.
Breadmaker bread! Oatcakes and brie! It actually was quite tasty. I buy that brie as it is so delicious even though the cheese shop man scares me
And lunch in the garden (handmade oatcakes! Handmade by me!). I hope you have all had nice weather too, and moreover I hope it lasts right until the end of October in a wonderful hardly-broken stream of hot days and flowers, because what I would really like this year is a nice long hot summer. I promise I won’t be moaning by May about how hot it is. I’ll have the sunburn and the insect bites and sleeping without covers and everything, I’ll take it on the chin. Are you listening, Goddess? Let’s have some nice weather this year. So mote it be, etc etc. There, now you know I’m serious.


Me said...

I've been chasing bees for photos too- nothing like that first siting of the year to make you think 'Spring'! Hurray for bee-weather :) x

Wool Free and Lovin Knit said...

Do you have squirrels in your parts? I was going to say that perhaps one had transplanted a frilly daffodil bulb to your garden, stole it from a neighbor) but then,no, squirrels aren't supposed to dig up the daffs because they are poisonous -- maybe you have mutant squirrels. Pretty daff though! And no, we don't have spring, we are a far ways off from even having daffs crop up in the back yard at the moment. It is cold, it is damp, we had snow yesterday, it is miserable -- I'm flying off to St. Martine. I'm guessing it's warmer there!

Susie said...

We do! We have the great big fat rapacious squirrel who eats all the birdies' nuts! I bet it's him. I don't think poisonous things would put him off, I think he's indestructible. Is St Martine in the Caribbean? I think I'm rather jealous.

And yes hurray for bee-weather! I love bees ;-).

Anonymous said...

Good for you Susie, it all looks awesome!! I have a picture of flowers for you too: http://pagesofjulia.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/bluebonnets-009.jpg
I'm so excited my bluebonnets are doing so well!

Susie said...

Pagesofjulia, wow, they look amazing. What a lovely colour! Thanks for showing them ;-).