Sunday, 27 March 2011

Stuff, stuff happening on this blog

Tonight we have branched out wildly and had lemon tart for pudding (I’m doing well on the no sugar thing, aren’t I? Look. Lemon is a fruit). This is because I have been reading Joanna Blythman’s Bad Food Britain and have gone into full beady-eyed No Trans Fats In My Kitchen! mode. So, having had to engage with pastry, just before I go and collapse twitching I just wanted to say a few things:
First, thanks so, so much to Crafty Cripple, who nominated me for a Liebster blog award, how nice of you to think of me! ;-). I should now nominate five other people, but I have to confess that I always find it incredibly difficult to narrow down all the blogs I read and I am mentally exhausted from the pastry, so if you all don’t mind I will pass on this for the moment and then if I rethink in a few days I will revisit. If you haven’t checked out Crafty Cripple’s blog, though, I’d really strongly encourage you to go and have a look, as her blog is one of the ones I read and enjoy very much.

Second, I don’t know how this is almost upon us or where the time has gone, but, tomorrow is the beginning of Knit and Crochet Blog Week 2011, info on Eskimimi’s blog here, and we are all going to be blogging about knit and crochet related subjects all week. Anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome: Eskimimi has a special tagging system so you can tag your posts and we can all find each other. If you don’t think you can manage seven days straight or you have other things you want to blog about as well, it’s fine just to join in for a couple of days, Mimi has assured us there are no Knit and Crochet Blog Week Police and I think we had better believe her as she normally seems to know what she is talking about. The subjects to write about are actually really interesting so it's something you might enjoy.

And third, I thought I might open up this blog to occasional guest contributors (I know, don’t all rush at once). So I am starting with a very particular guest contributor, some time after Knit and Crochet Blog Week, who is going to be doing a regular post. She is writing her first blog post (first blog post ever in the world, in fact) right now. There may be tears, there may be tantrums close to the deadline, I may need to edit scurrilousness and swearing, we do not know. I will not reveal her identity just yet. I will just say that I do not think we can avoid a blog post at some point about Why Beige Cardigans are Excoriatingly Fashionable This Year And Susie is Just Wrong. I have specified that photographs must be provided as I like photographs, so, shops of Meadowhall, Bakewell and Chesterfield and tearooms and factory shops of the Peak District, brace yourselves. Our Correspondent In The North is coming.

OK everyone early to bed. Big week! Lots of blogging to do. It’s day 5 I’m worried about. No clue yet, people, no clue.


Vivianne said...

Trans-fats ? Don't know what they are, so they can't hurt me :-)

CraftyCripple said...

How exciting - pictures from the North. I haven't stopped off at Meadowhall for over 10 years, despite driving past it several times a year on my way up to visit the folks. My ex quite liked shopping, but my OH hates it, therefore NO Meadowhall for Chrissy! I shall just have to enjoy pictures ;-)