Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why I love Doris Chan

I’m crocheting a shrug.
I am indeed planning on wearing it in public
It’s this pattern from Lion Brand (you have to register for the link – here it is on Ravelry but you have to register for that too, sorry!). I’m just about to divide for the armholes but the way they ask you to do it in the pattern is completely mad so it’s possible I will get no further. I am going to try to codge something up with Doris Chan’s foundation chain technique (using double instead of single crochet) but we will see how I get along. Now occasionally amongst the mad rambling on this blog I tell you something useful so, grit your teeth as this is one of those moments. For those of you (and I am sure there must be some because I was one) who gave up on crochet because crocheting into the foundation chain is so completely appalling, there is no need to do the various fixes you might have thought of, like, for example, making the foundation chain with a hook 10 sizes bigger, getting a harder friend to do the first row, or getting drunk to do it. No. Put down that Cabernet, stop crying, wrestle your hook and yarn back from the cat, because there is no need to resign yourself to a crocheting career restricted to only granny squares (although, what a fine career that would be, as granny squares are my favourite thing EVER). Try Doris Chan’s technique, which is very simple and creates an initial chain made from single crochets, which gives you a fighting chance of being able to crochet into them on the next row. Hooray! The world rejoices. There is some info on her blog here, but there is a full explanation + diagrams in her book Amazing Crochet Lace (possibly in the other books too, it’s just that that’s the only one I’ve got), and I think for me that alone justified the price of the book. Also if you google ‘foundation single crochet’ you will get various instructions on blogs etc or here.

A world of crocheting scarves lengthwise awaits us. We’ll have a go at world peace next week, but for now I hope that was helpful. Thank you Doris.


Emma said...

I checked out the pattern on Rav, if I could crochet, I would totally make it! Keep up, don't get discouraged! I want to see the finished product :)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have luckily met her several times and have that book signed by her!

Marushka C. said...

Doris Chan is the main reason I will someday truly learn to crochet. I love her designs.

Susie said...

Thank you Emma! I have managed the armholes (and it is much better to do the Doris Chan technique, I was right) so the hard bit is over and now I must just keep going doggedly. Gracey! Eeeek! Is she nice in real life? Marushka, now funnily enough her designs are not hard to do although they look really complicated, so would work as first projects. (Also you are very clever so would be ok). I love them too.

Voie de Vie said...

So glad you decided to Doris Chan that pattern and not give up! Doris really IS an incredibly engaging person IRL. During VK Live, she was pretty much everywhere. :)

Fscs are the best.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yes she is very nice....last time I saw her was at Rhinebeck. She seems to go every year and you just see her in the crowds. I just said Hi and moved on..I've been lucky to meet a couple of designers, although I haven't taken any classes, maybe this year at Stitches.