Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Failure to display WIPs so showing you my nails instead

I was going to do a WIP Wednesday post today but I didn't get it together to take photographs. So, here's a quick summary:

City Stole - 3/4 done, coming on great but do not like the yarn I am using
Annis - done 8 rows, working up energy to do nupps (when I have done nupps the rest is easy garter stitch short rows)
Boring Socks in Noro Kureyon Sock - nearly done 1 sock, the yarn is very strange, it has interesting colours but appears to have been spun by a monkey out of especially rough sheep
Sewing - am contemplating making an asymmetric jacket from the latest Burda magazine

And that is all, and if you would like to see proper photos from competent people please do go and explore the links on Tami's blog. Now I will show you my nails.

No one look at my cuticles. You don't get to look polished in two days, you know 
They are a deep forest green although it looked more of a teal in the little pot so that is what I thought I was getting. Anyway, I have painted them, and hopefully have left enough time for them to dry before I have to take the bin round. This is the problem: real life interferes with Glamour. In an unprecedented move, I have also bought a lipstick. I do not dare show you the colour because I suspect you will tell me it is unwearable and I must not leave the house wearing it {cough} orange {cough}. Anyway I shall go now and slip on a negligee and some high-heeled fluffy mules and lie on the sofa eating grapes. Not that we have any grapes. Or a negligee. OK, I shall go and put my Primark tracky bottoms on and go and eat a baked potato.


Denise said...

Your nails are um... interesting.

I love your description of Noro. When I looked at in a yarn store, I thought, I have soft wool, dye and a wheel. Left the Noro at the store. Just have to get around to dying and spinning some colorful stuff again.

Maria S said...

Noro... Hmm. I made an entrelac scarft last year with Noro - and it looks absolutely wonderful. But I did have to line the scarf with purple satin (as you do...), because the yarn was soooo rough and scratchy. It softened quite a lot when I blocked it, but it's still not what you'd want pressed against your neck.
And nupps. I heart nupps.
Enjoy. And I'd love to see piccies of the socks...

katiemckinna said...

Know what my first thought was when seeing today's post? 'What pretty hands!' 'How does she have such pretty hands?' Didn't even notice any cuticles and have never knit with Noro b/c I don't care for the way it looks, i.e. like it's been spun by a monkey out of especially rough sheep. Anyway, you must tell us what hand lotion you use, because either you never do dishes or garden anything OR (and I think this is more likely) you have some sort of super-secret-magical hand lotion source. Please tell.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

That nail polish is gorgeous! Is it, by chance, Boots No7 Totally Teal? Cos I have it, and yours looks the same. And how scary would that be that I can identify a nail polish from a photo?!

Susie said...

That is very kind to say my hands are pretty, thank you, no hand lotion but I promise you as soon as the cold weather hits my entire body looks like a lizard until April.

Ozzy - IT IS BOOTS No 7 TOTALLY TEAL!!!!! That is quite a skill ;-).

No-one go near Noro especially if you know how to spin. It will make you furious.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love the nail polish!!!!!

resa said...

!!! I love that color and want it on my fingers immediately. Also, orange lipstick, while not for the faint of heart, is one of my favorite things ever. Wear it proudly.

And I don't think I have ever seen a better description of Noro, though it does soften up with washing.

mooncalf said...

ooh radical choice! So much more daring that the pinky-beige shades I choose.

I just thought I should mention that there are no garter stitch rows in Annis. None at all. Do not be getting your hopes up waiting for them to come. They will not :(

Anonymous said...

Me too - about the hands. Seriously I thought they were so perfect I thought they were sculpted or something. Anyway they are real and they belong to you. You obviously take care of them (or maybe you are just lucky) but yes really nice hands.

Yes noro is a bit weird and it has bits of twig in it too. It is a bit rough and itchy but I just love it any way.

No matter what lipstick I get, it all goes pink on me. Red = pink, brown = pink, orange = pink. Just sometimes I want one that isn't, so I am envious of your orange.