Sunday, 27 November 2011

On my travels again

So last week I was in Derbyshire (I get about, don't I? One day I'll buy a travelling bag without a hole in the bottom. Actually I might just sew up the hole, that would be cheaper). People! It was frantic! The crowds!
So, apparently there is a mountain next to my family's house, I discover this now after 25 years
The traffic jams, and having to wait to get along the roads!
Mind the cows! I want to be a farmer. No, I know I'd be rubbish
 God. It was just exhausting. We were constantly on the alert.
I may come and give you my paw, or, I may agitate for a dried pig's ear. I've not decided yet  
That's what it's like, though, when you're at the very epicentre of commerce, the cut and thrust of trading, where prices are set and fortunes are made.
Label on a crocheted blanket on Chesterfield Flea Market. No, it didn't have a price tag, and no, we didn't dare ask. Because I might have said, don't talk to me about extraordinary tasks. 108 granny squares! 51 black ones!
Chesterfield main street, scene of many happy youthful shopping trips. Can you see the crooked spire on the church? This is because the Devil sat on it, true fact
The only thing to do in this kind of situation is to try to snatch a few moments of relaxation over a Festive Chocolate Mince Pie.
Dad's pie. We all tried it and it was surprisingly nice. I would make a mince pie as normal but replace some of the flour with cocoa powder. In fact I might do
Because it's hard, this itinerant life, but someone has to do it.
Dan (brother), Milo (not a wolf), and I, with all our accessories bought from shops, shamelessly
Hope everyone had a good week and I shall be back and rambling soon. (Were you missing your passive-aggressive granny square updates? You know you were. Although, Aunty Kath! I've knitted you a Christmas present! I may not get to anyone else's, but, now there's one for you!).


Denise said...

After the time I've been having lately, I took a look at your pictures. Packed a little traveling bag, took off out the door..... and that's as far as I got.

My company has locations in Cambridge and South Hampton. I have day dreams that the big boss asks me to relocate to another country. With my luck, he would be referring to India, Moscow or Vietnam.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

The label on the blanket is not a bad idea, but I thinka price tag is still sensible. Milo the not wolf is gorgeous

Susie said...

Milo the not wolf gets stopped in the street by people who want to tell him how pretty he is and ruffle his neck fur, I imagine he thinks the world is a very friendly place full of random sausage opportunities. Denise, an office in Cambridge? Get your request in for a transfer! (Pondering briefly whether I would wish Cambridge on anyone. Oh, it's not that bad).