Thursday, 15 March 2012

Crappy incidents, happy incident

A day of very slightly crappy incidents (first world problem-style).
You will all be pleased to learn that I have decided officially to declare it Spring
1/ I fell off my bike and skinned my knee. Do you know what happens when other people fall over in cold impersonal cities like Cambridge? They are ignored and thus lick their wounds in peace. Do you know what happens when I fall over? I attract helpful bright-eyed concerned people, even though the only reason I have fallen over is because I am half-asleep and a pratt, and then I feel like a great big fool (although yes it is kind of them). On the other hand, it was going to happen at some point, so now it is over with, and I can go from biking strength to biking strength. Indeed I have already cut up a man in a white van, and avoided mowing down a young girl wandering across the road with earphones on which was a bit of a challenge as she seemed to have a death wish. Go me, top biking person, go me with knobs on.

2/ I was wearing big dangly earrings and I bent down to restock some acrylic paints and hit myself in the eye with one, and it hurt. Luckily it stopped hurting because I would have been embarrassed if I had had to go to casualty. This then joined in my mind with the unfortunate incident on Tuesday when I got my exceptionally cool fringed necklace from I Heart Norwegian Wood stuck in the till and had to press the ‘no sale’ button to free myself.

3/ My favourite candlestick Evar fell off the kitchen table and broke, and I am sad.

But something good happened! My shoes from Fairy Steps arrived!
Do feel free to keep any dingly dell jokes entirely to yourselves
I ordered my shoes from Fairy Steps in a moment of mad impulse when I got my job, and I have been crucified with buyer's remorse ever since. Not because I did not want the shoes, for I did, and not because they are not worth the money, for they most certainly are. But, they were not cheap (they are handmade! I was hoping to wear them forever!), and I was worried they would get here and either not fit or look silly or I just would not like them. Because, do you find it easy to order shoes on the internet? I do not, and I speak as someone who orders everything on the internet. But they came today (they are made to order!), and I love them. They fit perfectly, they are comfortable, they have satin green laces, and I shall wear them loads.

I have put them in a safe place where they can come to no harm, and now I shall go and sit quietly and not do anything complicated, or move much until today is over. I would say it is lucky Partner is cooking dinner (spaghetti), but I'm not sure it is, because once he dropped it all in the sink and once he cooked a giant moth along with it. So I shall just keep my fingers crossed.


kristieinbc said...

Your posts are hilarious! The earring caugth in the till story made me choke on my morning cup of tea. I should know better than to read your blog and drink at the same time. :-)