Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fabric find

A long time ago, when I was thinking of starting sewing, I found 12m of African Wax Print fabric in a shop somewhere off Brick Lane for £20. I made all the mistakes I was going to make on that fabric and by the time I got to the end of it, I could sew (after a fashion) and there was even some left to make proper things with. So, I have a weakness for Good Strong Cotton Fabric in large quantities because it always comes in useful and indeed you find it popping up in surprising places for years to come. Well, today I was trippety-tripping through Cambridge on my lunch hour and what do I find.
Photo taken in secret like a ninja
A fabric stall. A new fabric stall! (Cambridge residents, it is in the middle of the market, on Wednesdays and Thursdays). So I thought it would be rude not to have a look.
Well might that woman in the bottom right-hand corner look open-mouthed. £2 a metre!
Fabric with lips on! I could not resist. I have bought as much as I could stuff in my bike basket of the one with the dark background, and I am wondering whether to have a go at a Collette Crepe dress. Half of me is saying, Susie, you cannot go out in public wearing a dress covered in big lips. The other half of me is saying, Susie, £2 a metre, you will be essentially a neo-Schiaparelli, get that sewing machine out. Which half will win? I think we know.
It is very possible that an orang-utan lives up that tree. I wish he would come down occasionally and help with the weeding
Bonus picture of the ridiculously huge trees at the bottom of our garden. Whenever I get my bike out of the shed the collared doves squawk at me from them, indignantly. Who pays the mortgage, collared doves? Know your place.