Monday, 14 October 2013

I know it's been done. But. 40 before 40!!!

I'm back.
We did not eat them. You have to know what you are doing
I've been to Derbyshire where I've been roaming about looking at woods like a good pagan.
I also made that quilt and that cushion and painted that table. Go me
I've been knitting like a fiend as well, but I keep giving things away and forgetting to take photos, so photos will have to wait, although, I do have this one of my new crocheted throw I shared a while ago on Facebook (so sorry for duplication, anyone who's on my FB). I've woven in the ends now. I'm on fire!

I wander past this every day clutching my glass of water
And I've been wandering about taking pictures of Sexy Urban Art. The second one is actually on the wall of the stairway in my office. Never (says she, violins swelling) in all my time in the voluntary sector have I ever worked in a building that is not mad and has normal facilities, except for one time when I was at e-space in Littleport and we had things like carpet and sofas, it was utterly disorientating. And I was utterly miserable. So that just shows you.
He is my big fat lad. Oh bloody hell Alfie, go home!
Dan my brother has found this lost cat sign for you and I have taken a photo. I think the cat was called Alfie. Don't look at this picture if you are having a bad day as honestly Dan and I were just emotionally stricken to the core in the middle of a rainy street in Derbyshire in our waxed jackets and woolly hats. Partner says the cat has probably just gone next door and no-one needs to worry. But we need an update! Like with Mabel!
From my new office which I am going to manage. O but how can I do both?! It is the classic double bind which leads to psychological confusion
Now I share with you the hideously naff thing I have done. Over the last year or so {clears throat}, one of the things I did was to try to scare myself and do things I would not normally have done with a view to expanding my horizons. I recommend this approach to you very highly: I had a great time. I mean, I'm not saying I set the world on fire, but I did things like the pole competition, oil painting, fan dancing, bleaching my hair, trying physical theatre etc etc. It was interesting because I always felt like I ought to be an introverted, studious kind of person, but actually when I really sat down and thought about things I was interested in doing none of them were studious or academic at all. I mean, I'm certainly not saying this is good, but, you know, self-knowledge is a wonderful thing and if it turns out that what I'm actually interested in is anything that creates a huge mess or where you flap about and have everyone looking at you then there's no point me pretending that I want to sit in a library translating Sanskrit. Anyway, to the hideously naff thing. I am 39 on my next birthday (soon) and then I will be 40 and that is a milestone. So I am creating a list of 40 things to do before I am 40.

I know it is overdone. I know it is counterproductive. I know it is naff. But I am inspired by a woman I read about in the Derbyshire Times. We were particularly charmed by her intention to massage Bernie Clifton. I would like to state at this point that I have actually met Bernie Clifton, and there is a photo extant of us together which my mother would probably email me if I asked her nicely. But I am not putting him on my list (although he is perfectly nice. Don't feel rejected, Bernie, I'm happy to massage you if you're ever in Cambridge, although I'd probably rather just buy you a coffee). So I shall finalise my list and then I will consider if I want to share it. I will consider.

Anyway, sorry to be away so long! Grit your collective teeth for the random thoughts to come...


The Foggy Knitter said...

Good luck with the rest of your list, and yes, post more, though I refuse to grit my teeth. I like your posts.

Hope the cat is snugly curled up round at next door's by the fire. Or turned up at home.

Vivianne said...

Yes, I hope he is home too. Shall you prioritize your list ? :-)

Susie said...

Thank you both. I shall ask Dan to update re cat poster. Cats! Wandering off!

Vivianne no I will not prioritise I don't think because actually the one at the top currently is really scary and I might need therapy before I get to it.

Vivianne said...

Therapy at the top of the list ? Interesting :-)

Susie said...

It involves heights. I'm looking into hypnotism but sedation might be better