Thursday, 17 October 2013

I have a new blog

And that is where I will be from now on! I have engaged with self-hosted wordpress and I cannot really understand what I am doing so bear with me for a bit while it all looks a bit empty and I add helpful things to the sidebar. Also there is a bit about follow me on twitter, but I have never actually tweeted anything so I would not rush to do that and I will let you know if I ever start. I only signed up for it so I could look at My Cat Is Sad.

Anyway thank you so much everyone who's been a reader of this blog - it's been so much fun, and now I'm writing the new chapter. So you're very welcome over at my new blog if you'd like to come on over:

(You know I can't do titles!...)



B said...

Added to my reading list! Looking forward to the new blog :-)

Roberta Mendes said...

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