Thursday, 23 September 2010

Day Three of the Blog Hub Swap and a Terrible Regret

So, today is the handmade part of the Blog Hub Swap, but before I reveal what it is, I shall just share with you my regrets about the parcel I sent off to my own swap partner. Because yesterday we poked our noses into Fortnum and Mason to see if there were any enormously heavy biscuit tins any of our number might wish to buy and carry doggedly all the way back to St Pancras – and there were!
I feel I have very effectively captured the glamour of the man wheeling his trolley
But there were also some other delightful delicacies. Oh, if only I had delayed sending my package just a few more days! I could have included some of these!
Nutty bacon-like taste! You know what also tastes like bacon? Bacon. Stick with bacon
Can you imagine anything more delicious? I couldn’t. Not until I found these, at any rate.
No, I'm afraid it really is an oven-baked tarantula, I checked the ingredients. Feeling faint? Put your head between your knees
Swap partner who doesn’t know who I am, I am so sorry. I know you would probably have given your eye teeth for an oven baked Tarantula. I hear they are actually even more moreish than Pringles. But I’ve missed my chance now and you will have to make do with your non-arachnid-items. I know they’ll seem hollow. Oh, if only I’d waited!

But, regrets aside, today I opened my third parcel from Xtiand, which was a handmade item, and this is what it was.
Isn't that nice? I am very pleased
A pretty embroidered heart! Isn’t that lovely? And I think shadow appliqué may be involved, it is very clever (and something I would be unable to produce myself, because I don’t embroider at all - I once did ‘Bite Me’ in cross stitch but then I didn’t know what to do with it). And what’s particularly apt is that I’d been having this idea for a while to make a collage of hearts to say thank you to all my blog readers for reading my blog, and I decided that since Fate and Xtiand had sent me a heart, this would be the time to do it (although, you can blame me for the cheesiness of this idea and not Xtiand, because her heart is nice although mine may be a bit naff, I mean this non-metaphorically).

So I have made you a collage.
I am aware that the bananas may be pushing it a bit and I don't know how a stray button got in there
Because in all seriousness (serious face, pursed lips), I love getting everyone’s comments, they always give me a laugh or something to think about, and I love reading everyone else’s blogs as well, I learn so much. So, thank you blog readers, and perhaps next time I am near F & M I will pick up a lovely spidery snack and we will have a giveaway. Wouldn’t that be popular? (I jest, I jest).


pip said...

hehe... love the grumpy orange cat in a heart ^..^ looks like it could do with a bacon flavoured toasted ant! mmm

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I read that as "Over Baked Tarantula" and was trying to figure it out,,,My Hubs would die, he hates spiders.....kinda seems like a Harry Potter type store

Marushka C. said...

You are a potentially dangerous swap partner, Susie :-) Thanks for the heart collage, it's adorable.

mooncalf said...

I'm glad that the tarantula is oven-baked and not fried. Obviously a part of any healthy, balanced diet.

Love the heart and I love your heart collage. Especially the bananas.

Vivianne said...

LOL you must do the tarantula giveaway - praps for Hallowe'en .... :-D

Susie said...

And the tarantula had no additives, e-numbers or preservatives. A healthy snack indeed. We will be seeing them in the Tesco Finest range soon, you heard it here first.

Vivianne, that would be the only giveaway ever held with no entrants at all, you would just hear the faint rush of tumbleweed and people unsubscribing from my blog ;-).

SillyLittleLady said...

I know some people who would probably try oven baked tarantula. I am not one of these people, I am sane. For the most part. I think.

Denise said...

When I first came down here to Tucson for a visit, there was a tarantula under one of the tables, as we were leaving. It was a table of a group of teenage girls all standing on their chairs screaming.

I walked up to it. Told the girls, "That's pretty cool. Better hope they don't charge you extra for that."

I guess I should go out on a tarantula hunt, open my own bake shop.

Susie said...

Hmmm... (Thoughtfully adding Tucson to impromptu list of places never to go to, however nice they may appear).

The scary thing about tarantulas is if you annoy them they shoot all the hairs out of their legs at you and they stick in your skin. This is a true fact, which I read somewhere.

JuliaB said...

Urgh! I thought you might have been somewhere very exotic for a holiday to find packaged edible insect but .. Fortnum and Masons!!