Saturday, 25 September 2010

Days 4 & 5 of the Blog Hub Swap

Just popping in to take a break from cutting 324, yes, 324, 3 1/2” squares for a quilt (no, it’s ok, I have gone right through despair and am now on the other side), to show you days 4 and 5 of the Blog Hub swap:
Look, we had sunshine! That threw me
Some tiny Moleskine notebooks and a lovely collection of retro buttons! Aren’t they sweet? And a close up of the buttons:
The cat has a cheerfully lugubrious expression. As they often do
Thank you Xtiand, these will come in really useful and the notebooks will (hopefully) stop me writing things on the back of the gas bill, and then forgetting to pay the gas bill. I am off on to Ravelry now to see if I can find a nice neckwarmer or something that will show off the buttons. Honestly, I’m very impressed with my swap parcel, it’s as if someone has put all the kinds of things I like through a good taste filter, and this is the result. I’m only disappointed that the remaining parcels don’t seem to be oven-roasted Tarantula shaped.

In other news, we were encouraged this weekend to learn, while going through his money, that someone, at least, loves Partner:
A missed speech-bubble opportunity if ever I saw one
I am not aware, however, that Jesus has ever attempted to put up a flat-pack bookcase with Partner, as I have. Why not try that, Jesus, without an electric screwdriver, and see if you still love him afterwards.


gradschoolknitter said...

Hey! You won a prize from my blog contest! Send me an email ( or a ravelry message (gradskoolknitter) with the pattern you want and I'll send it to your ravelry account!

Marushka C. said...

The closest my husband and I have ever come to getting a divorce involved putting up a wallpaper border in a bathroom. It was a very small bathroom but we have fundamental differences of opinion about what constitutes a straight line.

Susie said...

Ooooo I never win prizes! Thank you so much, gradschoolknitter, off to look for a pattern and message you! :-)!

Marushka, I think if we ever attempted wallpaper it would be the end of us...

Leah said...

Those buttons are amazing!