Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kitchen decor

I want you to try to see this kitchen as Shabby Chic. You might need to concentrate quite hard
Because I am a hedgewitch thus declared on the recent UK census (Partner was excited, he says it makes him a Warlock. I can assure you it doesn't), I thought it would be nice to have a pentogram in the kitchen. So I bought one from here and hung it up. I think it looks rather nice.
We may feign indifference yet we are alert to possible peanut sounds
The Big Birds are massing. I put peanuts down daily for the Big Birds and they come and hang out just outside the kitchen window for most of the day, talking to me (you know, metaphorically). ‘Hoo Hooooo! Hooo Hooooooo! Get those peanuts out here, woman! Hooooo Hoooooo!’. I sometimes feel as if I have made a rod for my own back as if I ever run out of peanuts they sit and look at me and I feel terrible. We get two squirrel couples as well – the grey squirrels, and some new black interlopers. If they meet each other they square up and posture.
Veg box with banana lurking (is that a local banana???) + there is soap curing on that chair. I do move it if anyone wants to sit down
The kitchen is my favourite room in this house. To be honest this is mainly because it is always warm and has biscuits in it.


Tink said...

I get the same thing from the blackbirds when I've run out of mealworms to give them!

Vivianne said...

Have you checked the whereabouts of the pigeons with the trippy Cat ?? ;-)

Marushka C. said...

Looks chic to me :-)

Did you make that lovely bag in the last photo?

Susie said...

I did! Thank you Marushka. I messed up the fastening a bit (in a particularly dumb way) so I use it to store... other bags!

Voie de Vie said...

Nice to see the veg box! I'd vote for chic, too.

Anonymous said...

A bag for bags is handy indeed.