Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Saying thank you and a quick update

I am checking in to say thank you so much for all your comments on my last blog post, it was very encouraging. Also I wanted particularly to say to Sarah who said about that terrible sinking feeling you get when people want you to read their books that, yes, I understand completely and I know that feeling, because not only have people done that to me (I once didn’t get beyond the first line of someone’s novel, and yes, I still feel guilty) but I also used to read unsolicited manuscripts for an agent. And it was at this time in my life that I learned a very, very important lesson, which I should perhaps have applied in other contexts: if anyone ever asks you if you are broadminded, you say NO, because no good will ever come of saying yes. Just trust me on this one. If they have to ask, you are not close enough for your being broadminded to lead to any fun. I may think of a way to shorten that and put it on a tshirt.
I hate to be judgmental about wildlife but I really feel this might be the ugliest duck I have ever seen. Is it even a duck? We could not decide
Anyway, so I am going to get my novels up asap, and this is how we will do it: I will make them available, tell you when, and then we will never mention it again: you can read them, or not, as you feel, and I shall be happy and grateful to know that I have uploaded them with the potential of them being read one day by someone. I do not need to know if you have read them, I do not mind if you read the first page, think, NO, and go and eat biscuits or read Twilight, I do not mind if you hate every single one of my characters including the horse they collectively rode in on (there is no horse, this is a turn of phrase. There is a dog called Rex though, I had forgotten Rex) – this is all fine. We can move on. I will still love you. You can read my blog (or not). I have cat pictures. But thank you for your support, as it means a lot to me. X x x look, kisses for you all.
I cannot walk past black/brown/grey spots cat without her having a sniff round whatever I am carrying. Cat, in this bag is a canvas upon which I will paint a picture of Aunty Kath in which she looks as if she has been exhumed, which will cause all the art class to ask if she is as fierce as she looks, and me to reply, yes
I have realised there is a slightly depressing bit in the first novel, despite what I said, but I would like to reassure you that it all turns out fine in the end. Indeed, the only person I have allowed to read my novels who does not actually have to be nice to me as he is not bound by ties of blood/ affection/ mortgage said he ‘never realised I was such a cheerful person’. And that was his only comment (and I feel fairly secure in saying that cheeriness was not a quality he was ever going to admire me for). We have not discussed my novels since. I am saving that one for if I ever become famous for anything and you have to give examples, for an article in the Observer or similar, of when people in the past damned you with faint praise, as I bet no-one ever said that to Kafka.

(In other news: I am painting a picture of Aunty Kath and it is so bad I actually can’t show it to you. I am going to give it to her for Christmas and insist she hangs it somewhere really visible. Also, in an act of minor triumph this week, which is not an easy week, I managed to do this in pole dancing (with no hands). This does not look hard but it is, you have to grip very firmly with your thighs; however, when you have mastered it, you can start to do more complicated moves. Where will it end? I just keep thinking, as I add more kinds of spin to my repertoire and some floor moves like on the Pineapple Dance Studios programme, if things go really, really belly up and I have to look penury and despair right in the eye, which I actually might, although I shall not bore you with my Difficult Situation again, at least I have a marketable skill now! I will be fine).


Sarah said...

Ha now I'll read your book and buy your t-shirt ;)

Nature fact - that is a duck - we used to have some as pets when I was growing up - sometimes they are even uglier - but quite bright (as ducks go)

Alittlebitsheepish said...

My OH, who is looking over my shoulder as I read, asked if the more complicated moves you are now going to progress on to include knitting whilst perched up the pole as you can sit no handed (on an aside I thought he said eating and had a picture of someone perched with a sandwich and drink). I said maybe I should give the whole pole thing a go and was offered a scaffold bar to use, hmmm.

Tink Edwards said...

It looks like a duck crossed with a chicken!

The Foggy Knitter said...

1. I'm with Tink Edwards, though possibly with a bit of sea-gull thrown in.
2. Most cats I come across while carrying bags eye me suspiciously and run for the hills. I must look very different to cats. At least that one is taking an interest?
3. Actually, I'm afraid I don't have any more comments, except maybe write more blog posts because I enjoy them, but that is entirely selfish and you may have perfectly reasonable other things to do, like sleep.

Erica said...

WOW, I'm truly impressed that you can do that move. It looks painful (having to squeeze that hard with your thighs...ouch). Also...other things, but I've forgotten what they were. Balls.

Yep, that's it.

Vivianne said...

What they said to Kafka was ''We need to up your dosage''.