Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I have been painting our living room. Our living room has gone unpainted for a while because Partner and I have this ongoing battle about painting things. Partner says we must paint the entire house WHITE like a MAD WHITE CUBE and if I show him dusky blue or grey he looks appalled and disgusted, and it all becomes difficult. I say, other people have colour in their houses why can’t we, let us experiment with subtle coffee colours. Then Partner says, no, WHITE! WHITE EVERYWHERE! And I say, clearly we are not suited, and actually you would probably be much better off with someone else, perhaps I will leave or alternatively you could leave, and Partner says, I cannot leave because I would have to make a lot of trips on the Number One bus with all my books in boxes, so we had better just find a way to compromise and live together. And I say, magnolia? And Partner says, no! WHITE!
Paintings by me
Paintings from etsy and I am reasonably sure there is nothing dodgy on that bookshelf
Anyway, my friend has now moved into a mansion, and after I saw it I decided Partner and I must make a pretense at living like adults, and not e.g. have a hole in the ceiling which is partly covered by a botch job involving handbag interfacing. So I gave in and painted the living room white, and actually I think it looks fine. It makes the room next to it look worse, but, I will move on to that one at some point, although I may do the bedroom next. I am embroidering this cushion to put in it,
I am working up to engaging with the French Knots
and I think I may cut off the back panel and back it with something different, then use the back panel to embroider something else. I have some skull transfers from Sublime Stitching, so I thought that might look nice. Skulls and roses.
I am a brave little soldier
I saw this furry little chap in Cambridge the other day. Is there anything sadder than a dog tied up outside a shop? He was being very brave and patient, and waiting. I bet he was left there for, ooh, a good five minutes. How do they get their faces to look so poignant? It is probably a skill I would do well to master.

(Dye job tomorrow. Me = nervous!).


Nana Go-Go said...

I love white - it shows off your artwork beautifully too. I am in awe of people who can embroider - yours looks so pretty. Can't wait to see your new look.Don't keep us in suspenders (an homage to your pole-dancing!lol)too long.

Stitched Together said...

I agree about colour on walls and my partner is the same about white. We comprised on a nice chalk white with an accent wall of Teal. I have become very fond of it and it does give a nice clean background for artwork. I know you have plenty of things to show off on your art gallery like walls.

Vivianne said...

I do love to see a house with books in it; you'd be surprised how unusual that is :-/