Monday, 11 February 2013

Grey day

I try not to wish my life away, but I wish it were Spring. And apparently it's going to be minus 10 on Wednesday. Minus 10! This is terrible. It's a good job I've booked in for Hot Pilates.
If I look down though I can see a car wash and sometimes they hose down a kebab van and it's really exciting
The view from my window at work, I do think it's pretty though a little bleak. I keep thinking I will make some kind of a canvas based on these trees, with a coloured background perhaps in acrylic and then the trees all stark and linear in black. If I knew how to paper cut this scene would be beautiful (I do know how to papercut, you need a cutting board and a Swann Morton craft knife with a 10A blade, go and pick one up in your local friendly art shop. I know how but do not have the skill),
Utterly incapable of possessing a non-creased duvet cover. I am a failure as a woman and will never ever ever be a blogger with an aspirational lifestyle
Crochet-blanket-in-progress on the new grey Orla Kiely duvet. As I have explained to Partner, we buy whatever duvet is on offer for 70% off at Home Sense and I do not listen to comments about how 'the opening is not big enough and there are too many buttons'. Are we Duvet Reviewers? We are not.

I have to go now to make garlic bread to take round to someone's house for dinner. I've never made garlic bread before. How hard can it be though? Exactly.


The Foggy Knitter said...

non-creased duvet covers are over-rated, you only crease them when you sleep under them...

May I suggest buying one of those cheap pots of narcissi/tete a tetes/daffs? Brings a welcome bit of spring into the house.

I keep meaning to have a go at paper cutting (and sewing and drawing and painting and...) but keep knitting obsessively instead.

Disco Del said...

Ooh fandabbydozy, you're back. Sorry only just noticed, but I always was a bit slow on the uptake. Is so good to see you back blogging that I'll forgive both your absence and inexplicible pole fixation :o)