Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stuff to buy, offers, expire tomorrow

Just a very quick post to tell you about a couple of offers which end tomorrow, just in case you do not get as many newsletters/ offers in your inbox as me because you are not quite as utterly financially incontinent and a great big old sucker,

First, Craftsy, which I had never looked at before, because it had videos: because, if you even tried to look at google on the last computer and open ITunes at the same time it used to crash and you had to restart it and swear. Anyway, Craftsy has got up to 75% off its video classes until tomorrow. I think £6.30 is a reasonable amount to pay for a class, especially considering you can do these in the comfort of your own computer room and don't even have to put your pants on, whereas if you go out of the house to a workshop you not only (generally) have to pay more money, but you also have to have on your company manners (and your pants). Also, often you have to stand about in draughty church halls drinking coffee with powdered milk in it, whereas here at home I have my nice organic Soya and proper Yorkshire Tea, why do I ever leave the house I wonder. (Craftsy also have lots of free classes, scroll to bottom, so you can try them out before laying down cold hard cash).

Secondly, half price on Sew Daily magazines, here - you can get 4 for £9.99 dollars, that is probably about £7 or so, and so if you use but one pattern from each magazine ever then that makes it worth it. Also runs out tomorrow. I may or may not have just bought something and I can confirm that if you take up this offer you will never, ever want for a pattern for an apron, a table runner, or a clutch bag again. Yes. As God is your witness, you will never go clutchless (and also remember: tomorrow is another day).