Sunday, 10 February 2013

I can't decide

This is a bonus High Art picture for you from a shop my mother and I stumbled upon in Soho before Christmas.
Please don't buy this skull and put it on your mantelpiece if I am likely to be coming to visit
It was an Art Gallery and it was quite odd. It is interesting to have your limits tested and do you know, there was not one single piece of art in that shop that I could have lived with in my house. I mean, it was all interesting and thought provoking, but, nononocat. (I have just googled Art Soho Skulls and this is what it was - it was very interesting. From a distance). On the other hand, Dan (brother) and I went to a Light exhibition at the Hayward last Monday and I did briefly consider just taking everything out of our living room in order to get someone to install a twinkly light thing. It was amazing! I am sure this is because I am Shallow and like Sparkly Things, and have not Come To Terms With Death.
OK, look. It was carpet or computer. Do you know how much these things cost? I'm considering buying a pole as well. NO-ONE TELL PARTNER HE WILL NOT APPROVE AS WE HAVE NO ROOM
These are my ugly granny squares. I am reaching a slight point of desperation as I am Never Finishing Anything so rather than having a bag full of acrylic granny squares of which there were not enough for a throw sitting around, I decided to crochet them into a scarf. Well, now the scarf is halfway done and it is hideous in a way that may actually cause people to stop and stare at me, with a scornful sneer playing around their cruel lips, in the street and I am thinking, what I could actually do, is, border all the granny squares with white, crochet them together, and then do a thick teal border with a lime green (or something) edging, and that would look cool (yes it would, doubters), and would also be big enough. But I can't quite make the move yet to do it (or, you know, to add it to the pile of unfinished things). And then I thought, as I like the idea of a granny square scarf but just found it a teensy bit bright in execution in flourescent Special DK, what I could also do is dig out all the woolly 4-ply odds and ends that are lurking about and crochet a scarf with them. I think I've talked myself into a decision, there, haven't I? Never mind, that's all I need, another unfinished project. I shall get working on my current blanket and then perhaps I will be able to cross that off my list. {Leaves muttering about not enough hours in the day}.


Vivianne said...

Teehee, I also thought granny squares would be a great way to use up leftovers. But instead it made me buy more yarn :D