Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Granny Square That Grew And Grew

I love granny squares, I love them, and I bet I am one of the few people who learnt to crochet not just in order to make granny squares but in order to make them into something really questionable. Like a skirt. Or a waistcoat. In fact, I have to confess, I look at the reviews of crochet books on Amazon and if any of them say anything like ‘oh God, this book is a hideous throwback to the seventies, who on Earth would wear xxx’ then I get excited and I put that book on my wishlist. Yes. The Seventies: A Much Maligned Decade. Or, The Seventies: Not Just Owls. Well, I haven’t crocheted a wonderful granny square skirt yet, but I have started a granny square. And I have failed to stop. It’s taking on epic proportions. If I can keep going for long enough I’m hoping to have a throw, but, this thing EATS yarn. I daren’t add up what it’s cost me so far. On the subject of which:

The Prodigal Has Returned. Yes, I’d be lurking in my stylish ricepaper bag too if I’d cost almost as much to repair as I did to buy!