Monday, 31 May 2010

Homemade soap

I did it! I made soap!

It’s curing in a box on the kitchen table right this moment. It was easy. I’m not absolutely guaranteeing that what comes out is going to be usable soap, but if it is, then I shall definitely be making lots more. I fragranced this one with lavender and geranium essential oils, but I may make another batch and use ylang ylang and patchouli. I might also dry some of the lavender flowers in our garden and add those. The sky’s the limit. But first I have to clean the blender. It turns out that’s actually more difficult than making the soap. (Stupid cheap Tesco blender. Honestly, I know it's cheap and I shouldn't be supporting Tesco anyway, but why don't they at least make blenders that are fit for purpose?!)

(I used the starter recipe from this book - Smart Soapmaking. I'm pretty sure I didn't have anything at the correct temperature but it seemed to come together, so I'm guessing this recipe is fairly foolproof. I think I put about 30 drops each of the lavender and geranium in, but I don't know how well that will have worked out until I use it.)


westmacgregor said...

Hey, way to go! Even if it's not completely usable, it's a sucessful first step.

Susie said...

Thanks! I've PH tested it today and sliced it up to cure... I think I've got soap! (I'm very excited :-))