Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Oh that Bad, Bad Serger

You remember the serger problem. (Who could forget?) Well, it happened again. It died on me (through no fault of mine this time, I might add). Needles bending, me banging my head against a wall quietly and whimpering. But it’s all fine. The shop swapped it for me, I have a new one now, and I’ll be able to talk about the whole experience one day without twitching. Anyway, now I’ve recovered from the serger trauma of the last few days (unless the bloody new one breaks – no! It couldn’t do, could it? No one could be that unlucky!) I'll be able to update tomorrow with things I’m working on, and pics. A couple of quite exciting things (exciting to me, at least) – a version of this skirt from Craftster, and, when my epic order from Soap Kitchen arrives (hmm. Must sell a few things on ebay) I shall be making soap. Soap! From scratch! With sodium hydroxide! That’s an acid, you know (or is it an alkali? I think it’s an alkali. I’ve ordered goggles. It’ll be fine.)