Sunday, 30 May 2010

A tidy craft room and a clean slate

Silver over at Quicksilver Crafter posted a picture of her craft room (as a before – she is going to reorganise with fabric storage boxes, which sound lovely), and I thought I would show you mine (well actually this was suggested, you can see the comments!). I am actually a bit ashamed, yes. But it is tidy now! I have sorted it out! So: this is my BEFORE picture, the craft room after the havoc wreaked by the Rainbow Patchwork Skirt:

I was using a very useful method of choosing fabrics for patchwork there. It is called, Get Everything You Own Out Of Its Box And Throw It In A Heap On The Floor. Then Go And Make Coffee. I’m surprised more people don’t use this method, because it’s very effective.

And this is after I tidied it today (ignore the kitchen roll! That just proves I dusted):

I am worried you can’t tell from this picture quite how much tidier it is, so I've taken this one:

Look at all that blank floor! Admire the use of a storage box!

I’m pleased I’ve done this, as now I can start next week with a clean(ish) slate. Lots of new projects planned – tshirts and more tiered skirts (hopefully for the etsy shop), and, if I get round to it, a short-sleeve linen jacket. For Me. To force me to learn how to make button holes. And I’ll be finishing and trimming those things you see on the dress form.

There you are: Organisation. A Plan. No more untidiness. Industriousness and Productivity. No getting distracted by random things.

Oh, but wait. What might this be? What arrived very recently in a large box?

Soapmaking supplies! Eeeeeeeek! Well, perhaps I’ll just have a bit of a go tomorrow. It is a bank holiday, after all. Industriousness can surely wait one more day. Can’t it?


Silver said...

Hurrah! I get to see your mess ... and then your non-mess! Your non-mess is much more impressive than my craft room's current state of affairs. I think I might have about that much blank floor total in the entire room, right now ... but that's partly because the thing I was using to hang my yarn on the closet door was overwhelmed by the weight of said yarn and died, and I have not yet come up with a suitable replacement.

Must ... sew ... fabric boxes...

Janel said...

That's exactly the method I use too. Just empty ALL the shelves and then start sorting. It can take days...
I love that blue blouse, what a pretty color. I have that pattern too!! Haven't made one yet though.