Friday, 10 December 2010

Received cards update

Quick card update, now we have hopefully all posted ours off (and if you haven't, go on, you, get it posted, it's not too late! I say this this in an encouraging and loving way ;-) ).  Moomin Mama (OT diversion. I want to read the Moomin books and actually I read the beginning of one standing in these people's shop last weekend but then didn’t buy it to finish it. Because I am 36. But I kind of wish I had. Would this be wrong, or could someone think of a justification whereby it is ok for me to read children’s books? NB I loved Harry Potter but Twilight made me want to gnaw my own leg off) has received her card from Amy and has blogged about it. Amy, that looks like one fantastic card, wow, is all I can say, and a bookmark as well. I love the idea of incorporating knitting!

I can also report that my mother has received her card from Halfpint, she has described it to me and it also sounds absolutely brilliant: it is a knitted stocking on a fireplace and you can use the stocking as a tree ornament. My mother will be taking photographs of her card as soon as Dan shows her how to use the macro button on her camera (Dan – menu, focus, macro), so then I will blog it. I suspect other people might be getting their cards soon as well soon, so we will keep our collective eyes peeled. And to the recipient of mine, I can only apologise that I couldn’t find my silver pen and thus it might be quite hard to read (probably not the biggest challenge of the festive season, but a little bit hard. Sorry!).


Amy said...

Oh, so glad you let me know it arrived to Kath! Thanks Susie!

Moomin Mamma said...

*skeleton dance* :D
Oh Susie you should buy the Moomin books, they are wonderful, quirky little stories! And honestly who cares if they are 'children's stories'? There are a lot of adults who could learn from the ways of the Moomins (I'm totally convinced they are pagans!).
I should work for their advertising company or something...

Marushka C. said...

I know nothing about Moomins but I am intrigued (brief pause while I make a note to Google...). I posted my handmade card to CJ today. Apparently the United States Postal Service still sends mail sometimes by pony express because they estimated it will arrive on her side of the country 9 days from now.

West/CJ said...

Susie, I too love HP but despise Twilight (gnawing arm off? exact same reaction). I've never heard of Moomins, but now I'm intrigued.

I have discovered a slight mishap with the card I sent- in my vicks-and-finals induced haze, I rather forgot to include the note I wrote her (I wrote it separately, because my handwriting can often resemble a kindergardener's, and this way I'd have as many attempts as necessary to make it legible). So to the person to whom I sent my card (are we keeping this anonymous until it arrives?)- I'm terribly, terribly sorry.

Anonymous said...

I think it's always ok to read children's books ;I I do all the time, especially classics. And the Moomins are so adorable.
I finally blogged about the card I got as well ;)

Dan said...

I am trying to steer clear of helping our mother out with anything technology related. She blames me for slowing the computer down if I open up more than one tab. I read kid's books all the time and, personally, I love the Moomins. I also own dvds of Button Moon, Danger Mouse and Rainbow (to name but a few) so don't panic, I have already taken the position of weird adult-child in the family. Read away.

Susie said...

Do you know, I actually think Twilight was the worst book I ever read. And I don't say that lightly, because I once read (half of) Huysmans' Against Nature. (CJ, don't worry about your note - shall I email her and tell her who it's from?).

Leileigh, loved your blog post!

Dan, I try to show Neil things on the computer but he can't take instruction, indeed our relationship nearly didn't survive a demonstration of Opening Email Attachments. (I have to 'learn to explain things slowly' and not just 'grab the mouse'. How can you explain something that's meant to be intuitive?).

I am looking out for Moomin books, especially if they are pagans x