Wednesday, 29 December 2010

'Tis the season for questionable hats

There’s a couple more card links I just wanted to show you – Amy got her card from Laura at Suddenexpression, Laura got her card from Eileen, Emma has got her card from Jill, Stephcuddles got her card from me, and Ina got her card from Julie. Sorry to be slow linking, and again apologies if I’ve missed anyone (my computer really is quite slow :-( ). Don’t they all look nice?
Note to family: in case of my ever being kidnapped by Somali pirates, please don't let News At Ten use this photo
And a finished object. This is one of the perils of being a knitter. There comes a point, right in the depth of winter, where you think, I know what I need to cheer myself up. I need a comedy hat. Now, if you actually had to get your coat on and go out and then lay down cold hard cash in Accessorize and see the assistant’s expression, you might think twice. But sitting indoors over Christmas with a bumper box of Thornton’s, surprisingly little on the telly, and a leftover skein of Cascade 220: well, it’s a dangerous situation in which normal aesthetic standards are subject to distortion.
feel the quality
It’s the Official Kittyville Hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch. It was easy to knit, although I’m not so good at making pompoms (Techknitter has a how-to on her blog, and in my experience this is the only way). So, if you’re looking at that and thinking, gosh why are those pompoms so big, it’s because, well, that’s the size they came out. I can’t adjust for size. That’s all I can say to you.

And a January Sales Warning: wool sale in John Lewis: nichts, nada, rien, a couple of half-unwound balls of Kidsilk Aura and a bit of ginger Cocoon. Ginger! I ask you.


Denise said...

The hat is cute. Your expression however looks like you found that the cat pooed in your boots.

Susie said...

Oh God. That is absolutely it, that is what I look like.

Although, you should have seen the photo I rejected - I looked worse on that. I looked like Dick Emery:

Susie said...

Also, I want you to know that it's killing me not to do my anecdote about my ex-boss and a photo (everyone was fully clothed I hasten to add) but theoretically he knows where my blog is so better not :-(.

Marushka C. said...

That is a fun hat, with lots of character, but I am enamored with the collar on that coat. Great lines!

And very intrigued by the anecdote which cannot be shared...