Friday, 7 October 2011

Back from Paris

But not lively. But lively enough to do a quick Photo Spam.
Notre Dame at dusk to prove we did actually go to Paris. Last night when I showed this photo to Partner (who is an expert on literary intertextuality) he started telling me about how he had discovered that the name Quasimodo is an homage to a very, very obscure medieval poem, and then he started quoting it, even though I had just come back and was tired
All the Paris bridges are covered in locks. You write your and your lover's name on it then throw the key into the Seine and your love lasts forever, alternatively you can get a mortgage
Do not put your hands in the door on the metro because you risk getting squeezed very hard. I shall add my own caveat to this, which is, do not get RER line B in the rush hour as not only is there not room to breathe but someone groped my bottom
Shop window and Art in the Place des Vosges. But could you live with it above the telly? Yes I could actually
View from a bistro near the Pont Neuf as I necked my vin de pays d'Oc
Particularly liked the Paris graffiti. This was somewhere between Les Halles and the Rue St Denis which is better than it used to be (says she thoughtfully)
Bookseller on the Left Bank providing foxy pictures aux masses
OK. I have a helpful post about wool shops at some point, and also Action Shots of a shawl, but for now I will spare you ;-). Off for tea. Can you get a cup of tea in Paris? Well yes you can but not as easily as you can get one in my kitchen.


Vivianne said...

LOL nice pics :-)

Marushka C. said...

Your life is so much more interesting than mine, Susie. Paris... i can't even imagine it!

Denise said...

Probably the closest I will ever get to Paris. I wouldn't mind coming to your kitchen for a cup tea, though.

Susie said...

Denise, I might even give you a biscuit ;-).

Do you know, I worked out that it is almost the same price for me to get to Paris as to get to Chesterfield which is my hometown. What kind of a choice is that, eh? Chesterfield every time.