Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Just stuff I am making and stuff I have seen

With the leftovers from my finally completed rainbow throw (I will take pics later in the week) I made stuff.
OK, look, even I think this is a bit bright
I've still got enough left for a few more so I'll see how many I end up with and then go from there (I know I should have crocheted the ends in as I went along, I do it all wrong). I don't know what I'm going to make (I promise it won't be a garment).
We, as plants, offer a living counterpoint to the sterile pursuit of Knowledge
Plants benefiting from the sunlight
In the History Faculty at the university they have some strange thing going on with plants. I think it's a plant-growing competition. At certain times of the year it all goes a bit wild and there are plants everywhere with names on, and a little hospital corner for plants which aren't doing so well.
Wherever you go here there's something medieval looming at you
I dragged Partner to Apple Day in Ely at the weekend. He said it was beyond parody and just like the opening scene from Midsomer Murders, and could we leave before they found someone dead in a cider barrel. I enjoyed it myself. There was a man who you could take your apples to for identification
Partner said 'they all look the bloody same'. They do not
And folk music. There was a knitting stall too, but it was very popular so I couldn't get near it. Anyway, there is an Eel Day at some point (I'm not making this up) so I shall drag Partner to that, too.

Also, after being grumpy yesterday, wanted to mention two excellent people/ companies I bought from recently: Get Knitted, who replaced some dodgy Knit Pro needle tips for me without any problem even though I bought them a month ago (I've also bought from them on and off for a while and they've always been great): and Scrapunzel Pixie, who I bought a jumper from after I interviewed Niccy, and I think I have worn it nearly every day. I love it!


Marushka C. said...

Now I feel the need to make brightly colored granny squares ... they're just so cheerful, aren't they?

I do hope the knitting stall is at Eel Day, that would make it all worthwhile.

Susie said...

Do you know what they do have at Eel Day? They have an Eel which they parade through the streets (a fake one). I think it is like a chinese dragon. O_O.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I'm intrigued by Apple Day but not sure I would enjoy Eel Day. The grannies look great to my eyes, not too bright.

martine said...

thanks for the link to Scrapunzel pixie, just fabulous, I want everything in her shop
much love

Susie said...

I keep meaning to take a photo of me wearing the Scrupunzel Pixie jumper but it is always all scrunched up having been worn non-stop, I will have to grab it when it is just out of the wash! Anyway, highly recommended.

mooncalf said...

I went to apple weekend (two weekends ago - not sure how that works) and it WAS ace and you ARE right and Partner is WRONG. And I got a lot of apples and they all look completely different.

The was an Apple Identifier at the Oxfordshire Apple Day but no knitting stall. There was an entire stall dedicated to quince products though.

I think our apples were different too. I recognise Suntan but the others seem unfamiliar...

scrapunzel said...

Aw, thank you muchly! I'm really touched and blushing madly here, lol! Love your crochet squares by the way, and there's no such thing as 'too bright' ;)

Denise said...

I love your little grannies. Especially the one in the upper right corner.

I come from the land of the Apple Festival and the Apple Blossom Festival.

Tsk, tsk to partner for thinking they all look the same.