Friday, 21 October 2011

A cheerful blanket

I am struggling through The Cold That Will Not Go (and on my birthday no less! Rubbish!) but just wanted to show you my completed rainbow blanket. I am dragging this thing round the house with me like that chap who used to be in Peanuts (look, I'm ill, don't make me google), it is so warm and bright and cheerful.
Still not ironed the duvet, still not painted the woodchip, crocheted a blankie though
OK. Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern from Attic24, Yarn: Sirdar Bonus DK, cheap as chips (who actually says that? Nobody) but honestly it is great for projects like this, where you are going to want to wash it often, and you are also going to want to use A Lot. I used 13 balls of different colours, I don't think my rainbow colour progression is perfect, but it is difficult picking out colours online, and it's not bad. I had enough left over to do a border, using these helpful instructions from Wires and Yarns
We decided it was colourful enough without another round on the border
and I've also got enough to be making the granny squares in the post below, 27 so far and counting. I should be able to make about 10 more, but I don't know what I'll do with them then. I would quite like another throw, but I don't want to buy 13 more colours and have loads left over because then I'm going to end up in a terrible endlessly recurring acrylic crochet loop and be doomed. Then before I know it the entire house will be covered with granny squares because I have to keep buying more yarn to use bits up. I might just buy a couple more balls of a plain colour and make a feature of the bright ones. Listen to me rambling. I'm off now to practice my guitar and mutter. Have a lovely weekend everyone xoxo


Marushka C. said...

Happy birthday, Susie! May it be the start of a year filled with creativity, abundance of all good things, and thousands of joyful moments.

May it also be the last day of the dreadful cold! Poor baby (do they say that in Britain?) I hope the happy rainbow blankie offers some solace. (PS - You're thinking of Linus, he's the little guy with the blanket.)

And I know what you mean about the endless loop -- all my big stashbusting projects end up with me buying more yarn to "finish" them, but always with some of it left over.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Feel better! Your ripple looks lovely.

The Foggy Knitter said...

My parents' builder uses the expression cheap as chips. Haven't met anyone else who does though.

And hope the cold has skedaddled!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Booo to the cold, but yay for the birthday, Happy Birthday! Your blanket is the awesome, love the bright rainbow colours

Sharripie said...

You might be able to use those granny squares to make decorative pillow covers, so the bed looks all fancy and magazine-like. Or you could make the granny square slippers from Purl Soho. Or Cate Blanchett's dress from that one event.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! So far my feelings towards the ripple have been somewhat aloof, but I think this has turned me!! It's beautiful, well done!

Much love,

mooncalf said...

Linus. And I love your blanket. And I hope your cold has already gone.

Susie said...


I will look for the granny square slippers from Purl Soho, they sound rather exciting.

Thank you for the sympathy, everyone ;-). I am feeling better now!

Denise said...

Belated happy birthday. Very pretty ripple. You've entered into an endless cycle of acrylic granny crochet whether you choose to accept it or not.

I'm adding "cheap as chips" to my plethora of odd sayings that always make people look at me weird.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

love, love, love!
this is just beautiful!