Monday, 13 February 2012

I won't keep doing this

As we march together along this long, paint-stained road that leads inexorably to a huge canvas of a cross-eyed labrador. (Although. While I was buying my Value white spirit in Tesco - I know - the woman on the till asked me if I was painting 'a wall or a picture', and then we had a long conversation about her grandmother who used to paint wonderful paintings but stopped when she got married in 1904. So there we go, you see, art/ craft: uniting women across generations. Get out there and be visible with your craft and remind everyone of their grannies.)
Remember when you had to take your film in to be developed? No-one took pictures of coffee then
Inspiration. This was on the coldest day so far this year. (Yes, that is instant coffee: if I drink real coffee I get overexcited). Look at the steam! Our house is always freezing. I think we have a ghost. In fact, actually I've heard him.
The perspective is not, actually, all wrong, because it is an Interpretation
Work in progress. I'm waiting for it to dry and then I'm going to do more detail and make the colours brighter (advice to aspiring artists: buy a shedload of Titanium White!).


Leah said...

Lovely! Next you could branch out to painting ceramics and create a personal collection of Orla Kiely knock-off mugs to round out your collection.

resa said...

Love this! I find oils incredibly intimidating but sososo pretty. I hope you continue posting all of the paintings. And I'm especially looking forward to the cross eyed labrador. Hooks, tenters, on and such.

Susie said...

Thank you! :-). I must say, I am looking at plain white mugs thoughtfully (and must resist. Too many hobbies!).

I think I might do a sunset next. I believe them to be mostly straight lines.