Monday, 13 February 2012

When the things you make have more exciting lives than you do

Happy Monday! (Says she, brightly). Before I go out to try to start the *^%^%^& car and swear impotently, because, as you will have intuited, my life is non-stop glamour, just wanted to say a big thank you to AC Engineered Knits for showing my rainbow bag that she bought on her blog. It’s a funny feeling (in a good way) to see your things popping up in other places. You feel like saying, hey you rainbow bag, what are you doing over there with your new horizons. Anyway, thank you AC, I am delighted. Also wanted to show you my skirt I made from recycled tshirts:
Not naff. What could you sew, Partner? Nothing
Partner has just wandered past this and called it ‘wonderfully naff’. Partner has no proper comprehension of the Recycled Garment Revolution. I made it from tshirts I got from local charity shops and it’s constructed with kind of a-line panels and godets (I made the pattern, that’s why I sound a bit vague. I never know what you’re supposed to call things). I’m thinking the same shape in different weights of fabric might look interesting. I’m even wondering about felted wool. I shall have to go back and have another look in the hens’ teeth section.
Always use stitch markers. That's my advice. If only there were Stitch Markers For Life
And this is my shawl I am (still) making (arsenic and old lace). You can’t see anything: all you’re going to be able to see until I finish it is slightly bigger white lumps on a needle. I’m up to the teeth of the skull, and, because I Just Don’t Like long rows it’s a bit of a challenge (only psychologically), but I shall definitely finish it (says she, grimly). One thing I will say: if you’re thinking of doing a circular shawl but you’re worried they’re too difficult (I mean, you might also be worried you haven’t got a million hours of your life to spend on one but let’s pretend that’s not a problem), this is an excellent one to start with. I haven’t found any errors in the pattern so far, it’s well explained and intuitive (just pay attention to the bit about moving stitchmarkers – that’s the only place I really cocked it up so far).
This is the chin and teeth of the skull. I can't understand how I can be a person who enjoys something as fiddly as knitting lace. I am having to readjust my self-image
Circular shawls aren’t difficult, but the bit on double pointed needles at the beginning is a bit of a faff, because nupps on dpns and yarnovers inbetween needles is fiddly (if you’re a diehard magic looper it might all be much better for you: just start off on a 100cm needle perhaps and gradually your stitches will fill it? I don’t know). Anyway, I press on, and I’ve worked out that if I do a couple of rows a day I’ll have it done in a month. So everyone give a shout on 13th March and hopefully I should be able to proudly display a giant impractical shawl with skulls on. Skulls on! I’m going through my second adolescence.

(Hopefully it’s better than the first one, though. One word: Bros. In fact, two words: Bros. Acne).


The Foggy Knitter said...

I occasionally have self-image blips and find myself thinking I knit, me?! Really? Because it all seems utterly crazy and unlike me. Then I settle back down to my knitting and it's all ok again.

Anonymous said...

I nearly bought that bag a while ago. My daughter urged me to as well but I didn't really want to spend any money just then so I didn't. Anyway, now it has a forever home which is really nice. It's a lovely bag.

Anonymous said...

That skirt would look lovely in felted wool jumpers, you could felt a pattern on to it. They (W jumpers) do crop up now and again though possibly you will need a blue moon as well as hens teeth...
I recently got a cashmere CASHMERE! cardigan in our local Sal army on the last chance £1 rail. I must have been beaming in pride as the nice lady on the till commented on what a wonderful find it was and then recoiled in horror when I revealed I was planning to boilwash it.

Susie said...

Actually that's a good idea, I shall try the Salvation Army Shop where I once bought a pair of Zara jeans (brand new looking) for 50p. I think if you go in on the right day you can get lucky.

Of course, now the washing machine is playing silly buggers. Honestly. I think this house has a gremlin.