Monday, 20 February 2012

Nice Knitalong you may wish to do

Just quickly popping in to point you in the direction of Chrissy at Stitched Together's beautiful shawl which she designed. Chrissy is hosting a knitalong for this shawl on Ravelry, and if you take part in the knitalong you get a pound off the shawl pattern (details in the linked post).

Obviously I'm not doing enough things generally (HA!) so I shall be taking part, and I'm rather excited. I've even bought some expensive (for me) yarn (and here's a hint: it isn't Noro). My paypal account squeaked in protest, but my hands have stopped shaking now so it's OK, and I may show it to you when it arrives. If you're looking at this and thinking, no, that is too complicated for me, I have seen the pattern and it looks perfectly doable, so, if you've done any lace at all you should be absolutely fine (or if you haven't, but, you're adventurous and dogged, you should be fine too). The only slight difficulty is that unless you use a cobweb weight yarn, you will probably have to buy two skeins of laceweight, but, you will definitely have enough left from the second skein to make a whole other shawl (perhaps it is just me that worries about these things?) - anyway, if you are wanting to knit a very pretty semi-circular shawl this may be the time to do it. KAL begins on 5th March, so get googling for laceweight and limbering up.