Saturday, 2 March 2013

Because none of us have enough wool

Quickly in case you're interested - I'm destashing a few bits on ebay here - some nice lace weight (Posh, Natural Dye Studio). Because I'm sure we all need more wool lurking about stuffing up cupboards and making us feel like we don't knit quickly enough. I think I've put international postage but if I haven't it's just an oversight because I do post anywhere, in fact, the ladies in the Arbury Court post office like it particularly when I send to a really obscure address.

I wrote nice polite listings but I lost it a bit with the Noro book one. Woolly trousers!

(The trick with ebay is to not sell your stuff and congratulate yourself on having an empty cupboard and then just go and buy a whole bunch of other stuff so now I have to not do that).


The Foggy Knitter said...

Those Noro trousers are amazing in a sort of can't stop looking at the car crash sort of a way.