Monday, 4 March 2013

Nice Stuff on Monday

It's a bit of a difficult day, Monday, isn't it? Let me tell you how difficult my day was. At work I have this problem which everybody finds hilarious: for some reason, I alone in the office am hugely charged with static electricity, and randomly get shocks from things and jump back yelping. Well, it was ok when it was only that I couldn't change the toner on the printer, but today I realised I was starting to get shocks from the biscuit tin. That's as bad as it gets, isn't it? So to cheer myself up I thought I would start doing Nice Stuff on Monday posts and show you a few things I've discovered or found inspiring in the week.

So for my first Nice Stuff on Monday, I wanted to show you a really lovely etsy shop I've found - Vladimir Stankovic Illustration.

The Pawns of the Woods - original artwork

I don't think etsy is perfect by any means, so I think it's nice to remind myself sometimes that there is still loads of fabulous handmade, cool, high-quality stuff on it which it's difficult to get anywhere else. I don't know how I found Vladimir's shop, but I'm glad I did - I love his work. It's got a fabulously dreamlike, fairytale kind of quality.

But with a dark side.

I want a flawless heart too - A4 giclee print

Vladimir is living in Finland at the moment: my default position generally is to think everything from Finland is cool and marvellous. I would say, it seems like a magical place to me where it's always winter and trolls wander about the rugged landscape, but that would be patronising and also it actually sounds more like Cambridge. Anyway, lovely art, and a mixture of prints and originals in his shop - go have a look (shop on etsy/ website).

Little orphaned rat adopted by Mother Cat - giclee print

Off now to find shoes without a rubber sole. Honestly, a line has to be drawn somewhere and I'm drawing it at lack of access to a biscuit tin. Let's hope tomorrow's better!


Stitched Together said...

I too suffer from static shocks on a regular basis. Lift buttons are the worst for me, knowing I'm going to get zapped when I press the call button, is no fun. I sometimes hover around waiting for someone to press the button for me LOL

Susie said...

I'm going to have to get my colleague to open the biscuit tin every time. I think there's going to be sarcasm.

Lucy said...

My boss gets random static in her office. She solves the problem by keeping a large paperclip handy with which she can discharge herself before touching the door handle.

(That sounds a lot worse than it was meant to...)

(Hi. I linked here via Ravelry/LSG.)

Susie said...

Hi Lucy! - can I ask what she does with the paper clip? Would I just have to keep one about and rub it?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Would it be too barbaric to suggest storing your biscuits in a paper bag?

Lucy said...

Sorry for the delay in comment reply...

She taps it several times on the door handle. I think the theory is that the static flows through the paperclip and into the door, so it can safely earth the charge. I may have got that wrong. My boss is a physicist.