Friday, 29 March 2013

Becoming a parody of oneself

Well now I know I'm old.
Do you know what there was, Aunty Kath? Susie Cooper. Cheap. (not the pic above)
Because I spent the afternoon wandering round an antique shop. It was huge! It was great! I shall go again. In fact I literally do not know what I was thinking not buying a huge west german lava vase for £28. When you look back at your life and regret things in the twilight of your years, I fear that may be one of the things I regret. In fact, if I ever drown, which is unlikely as I dare not go in a swimming pool in case my hair turns the water pink, I may be haunted by visions of postwar german pottery.
Slice of layer cake and I'm anybody's
And I had cake somewhere really nice. Why did no-one tell me there was a huge antiques warehouse in Ely with a lovely teashop right next door where you can actually get a seat on a bank holiday? Honestly, nobody ever tells me anything.


The Foggy Knitter said...

I must have been born middle aged as I've enjoyed a good look around an antiques shop since at least my teens and I would indeed get excited about cheap Susie Cooper. It's a good thing there are no suitable shops within easy reach or I'd be penned in by antiques!

Vivianne said...

No review of the LYSs in Ely ? Did you visit the cathedral ? :-)