Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oh good lord

Pinterest again! They make these quotes up! I'm going to start doing it!

'Kittens are lovely!!!' - Josef Stalin.

And this one, what is this? How to be a stalker? Tickle her even when she says stop? (I'm pretty sure there are websites for that) - honestly any time I read a quote about relationships on Pinterest I feel about 103.

Yes, but is this person who's crazy about me going to tickle me even if I say stop? Because otherwise it doesn't count. Gosh, I wonder who it is. I do hope it isn't the window cleaner because I find him terribly unpredictable.
Source: viaSarah on Pinterest

You see, this is not true. I'm not a hugger. All I ask for in moments of crisis is a sympathetically raised eyebrow and a strong cup of coffee. I was once at a job (not my current one) and I looked annoyed about something and the person I was working for kind of cocked his head on one side patronisingly, looked at me, and said, 'do you need a hug?' and I was forced to laugh sarcastically, back away, and say, 'no. I really don't'. It was so awkward. Our relationship never recovered. I blame Pinterest, encouraging this sort of thing.

I'm just going to stop looking at it, honestly. It's like a car crash. I'm only on it for the quilts. I hope nobody starts patchworking ridiculous made-up sayings onto quilts otherwise that'll ruin the entire thing for me. I shall go and ring Dan, because, as Oscar Wilde said, the best thing to do when you have had an overdose of saccharine on Pinterest is to talk to someone more cynical than yourself. Or was it Marilyn Monroe? I can't quite remember...


Anonymous said...

This is why I had to give up Pinterest. The fake quotes made me want to stab people in the eye with my knitting needles.

Although I do like your plan of just making up your own. I'd go back to Pinterest to do that, just to mess with people (sometimes I'm not a nice person)

Anonymous said...

You are funny. I haven't seen all these quotes on pinterest. I tend to look a crochet scarves and not much else.

Loved your previous singing. You sound really nice, and you are singing Jolene which I love a lot. I love how you do so many things.

Cate said...

Hurray! Great post!

Made-up quotes are very annoying. Having them sent by email to 'cheer me up' does anything but. Trite rubbish.

'Hugz (((Hun)). Back atcha' Sylvia Plath

Margarita said...

It was definitely Oscar Wilde.

AC said...

I signed up for Pinterest for one day, and promptly deleted my account. Train wreck indeed.

And everyone knows that Stalin was a dog person...