Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Finding Inspiration

I have a collection of old craft books. I love them because often they have useful notes on techniques, and unusual ideas. I always think, there are no bad crafts, there’s only bad execution and styling. For example:

No, I’m not sure I’m going to be wearing this down the pub, either. But perhaps integrated into a tshirt? In purple? A bit more angular? Hmm, I’d better get sewing some tshirts so I can experiment.

But sometimes the execution is pretty ropey.

Is it an advert for Dodgy Trunks? Should I be admiring the regularity of the thigh hair? Why, no. It’s the setting chosen by the writers of Stitch By Stitch: a home library of sewing, knitting, crochet and needlecraft to show off their crocheted poncho patterns. Writers of Stitch By Stitch: I imagine you were trying to sex up crochet. Did this work, writers of Stitch By Stitch? Did it? Really?

I’ve got a crocheted poncho! And now I’m going off to pose behind a man in dodgy trunks! No, it’s not what I initially envisaged when I told everyone I was going to be a model. But I couldn’t wait for Vogue to ring forever, you know, I had to earn a living. And every time I ring mum she tells me I ought to come home and be a secretary. It's all very trying. Poncho! Yes, I am emoting, thankyou. Poncho, Yay!

And then yesterday I bought a new book - Homemade. I walked past Heffers feeling miserable: it was a bad combination. It’s a nice book, but it’s essentially Domestic Porn. You know what I mean; beautiful pictures, but nothing challenging: iPod covers out of expensive yarn, cupcakes, that kind of thing. It’s got some nice ideas, and I do like that kind of book sometimes, but mostly I like books that have difficult-looking diagrams and/ or instructions to wear goggles. I’m more of a Radical Craft girl, myself. I like to expand my skill set.

But I did like this skirt very much (you can’t see very well, sorry – I had to prop the book open with my elbow while I took the photo.) It’s made of odds and ends of patchworked shirts, and it’s a plain aline shape. I like the juxtaposition of the smart shape with the scruffy fabric. Well, funnily enough, I’ve just cleared out another cupboard - and I’ve found some old shirts. Another project for the list?


AndiPants said...

Is it bad that I love the collar on the right? It would look great over plain basics.

Susie said...

No I love it too, I'm just a bit scared of crocheting anything thinner than DK...

Absinthe Fairy said...

You have to love those old photos - who did they think they were attracting. As I asked myself this I had visions of 70 year old grannies licking their lips lasiviously as they crocheted away frantically. Oh my :) Men in trunks - whatever next?