Thursday, 26 August 2010

In which I attempt to find inspiration

Gradschoolknitter (go and look at her blog) has posted a contest asking about what people do when they want to get their knitting mojo back. Well, when certain orangey-named patterns have killed my knitting mojo stone dead in the manner of Jack The Ruffled Ripper, I crochet instead. But as that’s not particularly helpful, what I also do to feel more creative is, I venture into the wide world and look for things that inspire me, because if I can make myself feel generally more inspired, it sometimes leads to an explosion of useful fabric-craft related progress. Or, sometimes it doesn’t, but I do put really interesting outfits together for a while. Anyway, as I happened to do a quick inspiration-trip yesterday round the East End, (mother, before you ring me up, it rained, we went on impulse, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it), I will share with you the fruits.
Firstly, the one that got away. In the café at the British Museum, I saw a woman wearing the Perfect Shoes For Next Season. Seriously: they were perfect. But, I could not face approaching that woman and asking her whether I could take a photo of her feet for my website. If someone asked me that I would be suspicious, and this woman seemed to be a retired academic (I am assuming this from her conversation with her friend) and I am not, says she carefully, aware that retired academics have been at the forefront of the craft blog explosion: I thought she might be alarmed. So I will tell you that her shoes were flat Oxford laceups in a honey-brown leather with slightly elongated toes and I will be searching for their like until my dying day: and I took a photograph of my scone instead.

Next, dresses in Spitalfields Market:

I think I have a little bit more African Wax Print appreciation left in me, I really do. I actually wonder how African Wax Print would look in a short circle skirt shape. I may try. Then I fought my way through the drizzle and I found this jacket in the window of a shop up the end of Brick Lane:

I didn’t see a price tag (which, says she sagely, tells you all you need to know) but I can tell you that it seemed to be made out of woven thick elastic. I’m not sure how much I like the idea of woven thick elastic, but I love the idea of a jacket made of woven something. It actually reminded me (for some reason) of the bandage skirt by I Heart Norwegian Wood, which I always think is very stylish. Does anyone think a jacket like my picture would be doable?

Tshirts. I am declaring AW10/11 the Season of the T Shirt, despite the going downhill of American Apparel, which I will not crow about although if you wear a thong in meetings you deserve all you get, seriously. What’s that about? Why would you even do that? I can only say, I’ve been to a lot of meetings in my time, Oh God have I ever, and not one of them did I ever feel would be improved by either more nakedness or more sexual tension. More biscuits, certainly, or by not existing at all. Anyway I digress and if I get onto Miserable Meetings I Have Known we will be here all day and I will have to start on the Gin, so just take it on trust that sometimes the solitary redeeming factor was that people kept their clothes on, even though their neuroses were quite exposed. So anyway! Yes! Tshirts! I shall be wearing mine with a short ruched black lycra skirt (which I shall make), black lace tights, heavy boots, and a cardigan. I will look very cool and I may buy a tripod so I can take photographs of outfits to share without pressing Partner into service every time, because he is not supportive of Fashion, and he makes fun of me.

Gradschoolknitter, I have not helped you, have I, although I did mention a cardigan. I hope you get your knitting mojo back soon!


Silver said...

I do indeed think a jacket like that in the picture would be doable. I only wish a) I could tell how it actually fastens (do the elastic strips just weave into each other at the front there?) and how they actually made the pointy shoulder bits is it sewn like that, or woven like that?).

Susie said...

Silver - I don't think it fastened at all - I think the elastic strips just kind of ended (I suspect they've pinned it on the model). I think the pointy shoulder bits are woven like that, but I can't visualise how.

I'm mentally trying to talk myself out of trying to make a jacket like this. No time! But... so cool! But... no time! If anyone wants to sway me either way do feel free ;-)

Marushka C. said...

I'm just imagining the woven elastic jacket on a windy day with all the ends flapping about. Would small children be scared? And what if you catch it on something, does it propel you forward like you've been shot out of a cannon? So many possibilities :-)

Silver said...

I wonder why I seem to have been having trouble with punctuation and sense earlier. I think maybe my head IS exploding as a result of all my insane costume nonsense. ;)

Looking at the shoulders, to me it looks like they basically just folded the strips that needed to be, and kept going in the new direction. Like, the switch from horizontal to vertical seems to happen mostly in one strip — the one running down the center of the shoulder (the one equivalent to the shoulder seam between the front and back of the jacket). It looks like that strip just folds downward, and in order to accommodate the new direction, the top two strips coming off the front bodice of the jacket just fold toward the back.

Hopefully I'm making more sense now than I was earlier ... ;)

Absinthe Fairy said...

Make the jacket !!! (drooling in design envy)

Susie said...

Actually Marushka I am quite prone to getting jacket sleeves caught on door handles, it could be very dangerous ;-). Silver, I can't understand a word you are saying, you have a weaver's brain and I am too dim, but I am quite convinced you are right, and I think it might make sense if I actually did it... Absinthe Fairy (welcome back!), yes I think it has to be done. I will try the technique on something small first and see how I go ;-).

Silver said...

You could make a miniature bizarre elastic woven jacket for a doll? ;)