Monday, 23 August 2010

Tie Dye and Autumn Leaves

I'm waiting for Gary the Plumber to come and condemn our bathroom fix the leak so I thought I'd show you some things I've been working on. Because I've managed to actually list some things in my etsy shop, hooray! But first I've got some bad news. I'm sorry about this. There's no easy way to tell you.
O leafy harbinger of Autumn
Yes. It's the first falling leaf. I saw something orange on the grass earlier, while I was standing in the kitchen muttering about how other people have functioning houses and why don't I. What is that, I thought. Is it? No, it can't be. But it was. Readers: autumn is here. Did we have a summer? Did I miss it? But no, the blackberries are reaching their peak
and the nights are drawing in. Never mind, says she brightly, autumn is actually my favourite season of the year. Being able to wear boots. Making chutney. Enjoying knitting rather than feeling you are wrestling a big hot thing on your knee. Bonfire night, Samhain, cosy nights, lighting candles, fighting about when it is cold enough to put on the central heating, yes I can't wait. We won't mention the C word although they are probably getting their displays ready in Asda as I write this (the woman on Create and Craft the other night said brightly, 'It's time to start making your Christmas cards because it's only 130 days till Christmas!'. Well no. I think we've got a bit of time yet).

Anyway here are some things I've been listing. To start with, this is how the tie-dye came out. Red and blue spirals:

And experimental yellow-green-purple -

I thought they looked great, actually, I'm rather pleased. And here is my completed tie skirt.

I actually love this, I think it looks fantastic. And possibly foolishly I am offering the Rainbow Patchwork Skirt

as a custom order. I think enough time has elapsed that I can face ruffling another 50 miles of patchwork without wanting to murder anyone. Indeed I think I would quite like to make another but obviously there is a limit to the number I can have for myself. And I think I have reached that limit. Because I think it is one. So I am hoping the Rainbow Patchwork Skirt will go out into the world and find another home.

Right. Gary the Plumber is here and I must hear my fate. You know how plumbers suck their teeth? Well unfortunately he will be entirely justified.