Sunday, 8 August 2010

A style crisis and a fish hat

I'm feeling very blah at the moment, style-wise. What I think I need to do is go through my wardrobe and start thinking how to wear all my lovely vintage pieces, or, accept that someone could certainly carry them off, but that someone is not me, and let them out into the world. Pieces like this
Maxidress for being Margot in The Good Life, should one wish
which I love (it’s a seventies maxi dress), but which I’m not sure is entirely my style. I think it’s the nehru collar that doesn’t quite work on me. Or perhaps I’m in a style transition? It’s all very difficult. What am I working next season? Am I doing goth-sophisticate, am I doing ironic hippie, am I doing urban maximalist, what (taps finger to lip, thoughtfully), is my vision for Autumn/ Winter 10/11? I shall go and mooch round shops for inspiration but not purchasing. I’ll tell you what definitely isn’t my style, though, although I am rather proud of it
to prove I do finish things occasionally
It’s a hat in the shape of a fish! It’s the Fish Hat from Knitty! It’s swimming across our bush, dur dur dur dur (that was the theme tune from Jaws, are you scared? ARE YOU SCARED? :-).) This was a great, easy pattern, ideal for using up odds and ends of worsted or aran, and I see more of these in my future. The bit that took longest was getting round to sewing the eyes on, and then it took about 5 minutes, isn’t that always the way? I do have one piece of advice: try and do the lips on a circular needle, not doublepins – I had a lot of stitches, and faffing about with 5 doublepins and short rows was a bit of a challenge. However I don’t think you can see the mistakes ;-) so, welcome Fishy to my gallery of completed works and let us hope you are soon joined by a Citron.

(Thanks to everyone who’s left comments so far on my Giveaway post – I really appreciate it, and I’m thrilled to think of one of my bags going to a new home. You’ve got until next Thursday if anyone else wants to enter. Although. I’m rather sad to announce that I’ve already had to ban someone from all future giveaways. Yes. Official Announcement: My mother cannot enter, as that would be nepotism. Honestly, mother. Honestly.)


Anonymous said...

Hehe love the hat! And the dress is rather nice, I definately wouldn't suit it though :) and glad your mother is excluded, less competition for the rest of us :P