Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Tami over at Tami’s Amis has started up Work In Progress Wednesdays so we can all share what we are working on. On a Wednesday. (You see what she did there?). I think this is an excellent idea (and if you do too, go to her blog and join in, or start next week) so I’m showing you my Citron, sexily reclining on a fur rug.
Citron. I swear I will finish the damn thing.
I’m somewhere in the third repeat and this is hands down by far the most boring thing I have ever knit. God! It’s excruciating. Caveat: I definitely blame me, not it – it’s a great pattern, and I’m confident the finished article will be pretty and wearable and I’ll love it. Don’t let my experience put you off knitting it. Oh but my God, Denise needles and laceweight. I think that's the problem. Every bloody stitch I’m having to maul it about otherwise I can’t poke the needles through. I will finish it because I’m dogged, but it’s a good job I’m dogged, that’s all I can say. Other exciting things that have happened today:
Beautiful Beautiful Fabric. Excited Excited Me.
Mumma Troll of Chronicles of the Troll Family has swapped fabric with me – look how lovely this is! I’m beyond thrilled, and now heatedly looking for quilt block ideas. (Actually, I’ve had this idea for a while that I want to do a quilted wallhanging that says, Odi et Amo (I hate and I love). I can’t decide if that’s a really naff idea or not. This might be my moment to find out.) I really hope Mumma Troll likes the package I’ve sent her (because I’m worried now I’ve seen how nice this one is!),
Possibly not entirely sure about the backstitching.
And I found my favourite way so far of attaching labels to bags (it's all go here. I'm doing World Peace next week). I think that looks pretty good. It’s kind of artfully rustic. Now, I can’t believe this week has gone by so quickly, but it has, so, drumroll, you’ve only got 24 more hours to enter my bag giveaway – I’ll be running the random number generator tomorrow at 7pm for the bag, and also choosing another comment to win my tiny extra surprise (I promise you I won’t just send you a label, proud though I am).

I’ve got another feature coming up on my blog that I’m going to tell you about tomorrow, too – I’m really, really looking forward to doing it, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! (And if you don't, well, I really am quite excited, so you'll have to pretend. Come on: we got through Mayonnaise.)


Tami Klockau said...

Thanks for the plug for WIPW! I love the lace weight yarn (especially the color) you're using. Just remember, sometimes the most annoying projects turn out the best. Keep working at it!

That fabric in the second picture is beautiful! I'm sure you have great plans for it.

Mumma Troll said...

Really Glad you like the fabric Susie, and I love the label, tres funky. The shawl looks like it's going to be very pretty, persevere as you know it will be worth it in the

Fiolinn said...

Hang in there with the citron! I just made Just enough ruffles, and it nearly drove me crazy. But it was worth it in the end :)

Mel said...

Your shawl is looking lovely- I've had that pattern queued for a while (I even have the yarn for it) but I've seen lots of comments about the length of time it takes and its putting me off starting.

Oh and the fabrics are gorgeous :D

Susie said...

Thank you everybody! I managed a few more agonising rows last night, I think it actually might be rather nice when it's finished (Mel, go for it - it actually wouldn't take that long if I just gritted my teeth and did it.)

The yarn is actually really nice - it's from Violet Green ( Also, I forgot to say, Susie Jefferson who did my blog also did the graphic for my lovely label - she's 1stfloorflat on etsy.

plumbum said...

Hang on in there. I did my Citron in laceweight too, and did extra tiers to use up the yarn. I almost lost the will to live. But I stuck it out and I completed it.

The sad thing is (whispers) I don't like the finished article very much at all - I think I far prefer a crescent to a semi-circle, and I like the DK ones I have seen much better than my flimsy one. I may give my Citron away. Perhaps on the blog.

Anyway - I am sure that you will love yours when it is done - it is a pretty yarn.

Absinthe Fairy said...

WIP Wednesday sounds like a great idea, if only I didn't have about half a dozen works in progress.