Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Quick babbling about etsy shop, ++ a coupon code with a great big discount

OK. You may or may not know because I have been neglecting it a bit over the last few months, but, I have an etsy shop, yes I do, and in it I put stuff I make and it is lots of fun (I mean, for me it is). I would like to say, I have a kind of focus on modern patchwork, but first I need you to just translate that in your mind so it doesn't sound pretentious.
The middle bit isn't creased in real life. Why does it look like that in the picture? I am rubbish
Anyway, in the spirit of getting-everything-going-for-2012 (don't worry, I'm going to stop this soon and slump back into my habitual torpor ;-) ), I want to start building up new and exciting stock for my shop. Which gives me clearing-out-current-stock fever (look, this happens to me in January - I'm currently emptying the house of ALL THE THINGS), from which you may profit, if you wish. I have a coupon code for you - INWITHTHENEW - and if you enter that when you checkout anything from my shop, it will give you a massive and never-to-be repeated 40% off the price of anything in the shop, all of which items I promise you are lovely (well, I like them!), and it will also mean I can get some things moved out of our spare room and then I might one day be able to see the floor. And then another day I might work up to hoovering it (or possibly not, to be honest).

Now, I don't want to bore you on my blog too much with stuff about the shop, because I imagine you mostly come here for the cats and the drawing naked people and stuff like that, why would you not. So can we say, if you're interested in new stock, coupons, discounts and general UBD (Useless Beauty Designs!) news, could you email me on uselessbeautydesigns [at] and just say Subscribe in the subject line (you don't have to say anything in the email unless you want), and then I'll put you on a mailing list and you'll be the first to know. (Apart from Partner, and he isn't very interested). I can promise that the chances of me spamming you are zero. Zero, people. Newsletter once a month or so, and I definitely won't pass on your address.

Now. Who else has an etsy shop? If you leave me a link I can come and spy on you and add you to my contacts (don't be scared. I don't bite).


mooncalf said...

Nice shop! And since you ask I have my own here:

I shall add you to my circle and all that other stuff