Monday, 9 January 2012

A Rave From The Grave

I'm procrastinating trying to translate some measurements for a quilted Thing into metric so it can go in a magazine (I can only quilt in inches, I'm monolingual) so to take my mind off things, I was thinking. Rachel over at Growing Things And Making Things did a really nice post about her year in review, and I thought of doing one, but then I got a bit sidetracked (I managed to thread my overlocker, I lost Partner's favourite bootleg tape, I was mobbed by pigeons, Stuff Happened). So instead I thought I'd show you my favourite post I did last year (I mean, show you again - you've already seen it once).

I'm not sure this was anyone else's favourite post, but look. It rhymed. It amused me. It was part of the 'try something different' day of Blog Week, and I remember quite a few people doing really good posts that day, so if you search by the tag in the title (the funny letter thing) you will get lots of other posts on the same kind of them and you will probably find some fun things, and then we can have more Raves From The Graves popping up! (Are we having another blog week this year? Says she with interest, fluttering eyelashes at various people).

Do any of you other bloggers have a favourite post you did from last year? Post yours! (It's alright. We can do retrospection in January, it's in February we have to snap into line and look resolutely forwards).


Stephcuddles said...

I *think* we will be, at least I hope we will be. I shall have a chat to the other mods :) Thanks for reminding me!

Vivianne said...

You do know the sign-ups for this year's swap is open right this minute ...? :-)