Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Thanks for the memories

*** Edited to add. Oh God, seriously, after all that (see below), I realise now you can just use the old interface for a few more months. So I might just do that and try and ring virgin media again and see if I can sort something out because, look, this is silly, I have got two degrees and a cycling proficiency certificate. Sorting my internet out without buying a whole new computer cannot be entirely beyond me. I am going off now to mutter to myself and feed the birds like a mad person. Move along everyone, nothing to see here***

Just checking in in case you were wondering about me (I mean, I know why would you etc etc but, just in case…;-) ) and to tell you why I’m not blogging. Readers: it’s not you, it’s me. As you other folks on blogger know, blogger updated their interface recently and it no longer works with my computer, which is very, very, very old, and has a very old OS. So, I can do words (like this post), but I can’t do pictures any more. And we don’t want a series of posts that go ‘and then I saw a great big pink elephant, walking down the road holding hands with a kitten. And I got a photo and I uploaded it but I can’t show you so you’ll have to take my word for it!!!’, do we? Because that would just be depressing.

So I have been (perhaps temporarily, I don’t know) defeated by my technology problems, and I can’t think of a way to sort them out that doesn’t cost money, which I haven’t really got (I mean, don’t feel sorry for me though, because if I didn’t spend all my money on canvases and picks and pole dancing lessons and whatnot I might be able to save up for a new computer). If I suddenly think of a way to get online that doesn’t involve me getting further into debt or trekking across Cambridge to use someone’s wifi for my laptop (I haven’t got wifi here, and I’m not sure I can have it because I think the computer might be too old to work with anything other than an ethernet cable. I’ve tried plugging the ethernet cable into the laptop, which works everywhere else but not with mine. I’ve tried ringing Virgin Media. I’ve given up!), then I shall be back with pics and adventures and all sorts, although I’m being a bit boring at the moment and you’re not missing anything (well, you’re missing the pole dancing and the life drawing classes and all sorts of woolly things and opinions but I’m sorry. I’m stymied by technology! :-( ).

So while I’m on a possibly permanent break, let me take this opportunity (sniffs) to say what a brilliant group of blog readers you’ve been, and how much fun I’ve had, and what a lovely community it’s been to feel a part of. Thank you everyone. Thanks for the memories, and perhaps one day I’ll be able to understand technology sufficiently that there can be more! (I mean, it can’t be harder than climbing a shiny pole, can it? Of course not).

Love you all. Keep on blogging x


Pearly Queen said...

Hi susie

You might be able to put in pictures from Flickr if you can copy the html and then paste it into Blogger. I do this nearly all the time.

Let me know if you need help with how to do this!


Erica said...

I actually WAS wondering what had happened to you! I'm very glad the pink elephant didn't step on you or anything because that would be sad.

Could you switch to another blog site such as Wordpress or something else? I don't know if that would help, but it can't really hurt.

I'm glad you're doing well, but bummed that you won't be updating as much =(. Good luck!

Rachel said...

How can you tease us with pole dancing and not tell us all about it?!

Penny's suggestion sounds like an excellent solution - hopefully that will put you back in command of Blogger.

The Foggy Knitter said...

Would your old computer cope with getting a wifi box? You know lots of coffee shops etc. have wifi too?

(Please don't stop blogging! I'd miss you too much!)

I sympathise with the internet problems, I've been battling with BT for a week now...

Susie said...

Look, you're all so nice, now I feel bad! I am going to stay with the old interface for a bit I think, until it kicks me out, and I am going to have a go at what Penny suggested as well.

I'm going to have to get all my photographs ready so I can upload them and show you, WHILE I CAN!!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave us, I love your witty blogs, and your cat stories. Photos are not that important, especially, as with you, the writing is brilliant.


Chants Cottage said...

At least you passed your cycling proficiency test... Not that I'm bitter or anything. I second everything everybody else said. Jolly good blogs like yours are few and far between. Hope you manage to keep going one way or the other. Sarah x

J.G. said...

Even without photos your blog would still be great fun (I certainly have a mental picture of the elephant and the kitten), though I would miss your cognitive dissonance photo captions.

Hope the universal life-force manages to work this one out, so you can stick around in blog-land.

kristieinbc said...

I had been a bit worried about you, so it was nice to see your post this morning! For the record, the new Blogger interface works for me but I HATE IT. It feels like they changed it just for the sake of change. Hopefully they are getting lots of negative feedback and will go back to the previous set-up. I consider it a downgrade rather than an upgrade.

And I agree with a previous commenter. Your blog posts are great whether or not they have pictures. You are hilarious! :-)

The Gingerbread Lady said...

I flipping HATE the new interface. And I hate the fact that I was bullied into using it by faceless Blogspot people. A blight on their crops.

Oh, continue blogging, do. We'll imagine the pictures that go with the text, promise. And then when you finally get a new computer you'll have a backlog of pictures of Auntie Kath eating petit fours, the Stalking Cats of Cambridge, and multicoloured mittens a-go-go for our viewing pleasure.

Vivianne said...

I know this is like spitting in your holy water, but don't spend any more money on stash or crafts or *gulp* even pole-dancing until you have a new computer. There are places that do 12 months interest free credit ...

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

It would be awesome if you kept blogging and you are definitely one of the few that I would read with or without photos (since you can actually write!).

I hate the new blogger interface, too, which I use for my job. How about joining us over in the magic world of Wordpress??

Susie said...

I love you all {hugs}. I have got a temporary fix - I have managed to go back to the old interface so I can still blog with piccies for a few more weeks until they take the old interface away completely. Then I will have to rethink. I do have the laptop so I should not complain, I need to find local wifi hotspots.

Off to take lots of photos of ridiculous Cambridge cats so I can spam for a few weeks until Blogger screws me over completely... (And Vivianne, I know you are right...)