Friday, 5 April 2013

How can you possibly feel like this about a bookcase?

Honestly. Like a fool (see posts passim re: Home Improvements, Do Not Do It,) I am engaging with Home Improvements again, which is currently involving looking for bookcases on Amazon because we appear to have a small amount of wall that is not Utterly Bookcased To Capacity. Look at the review at the top. I bet this person finished writing this review and then went straight away and pinned something to Pinterest ('don't throw yourself away ladies on someone who wants you to be a size zero and stops tickling you when you tell him to!!! - Bertrand Russell').

I mean, I can think of things I might have difficulty forgiving, but a bookcase looking slightly different isn't one of them. Frankly, I don't care what bookcases look like any more, I don't. They can be fuschia pink. They can be spray painted with rude words. They can be flocked. I don't care. All I care about is, is it the right size to fit next to the fireplace so that the maximum possible amount of space is used, can it be assembled by a reluctant person with an electronic screwdriver and a cup of strong coffee, and will it hold enough of Partner's ridiculously huge and heavy books that we do not look mad when people come round. This is all I care about. Actually what I might do is, I might ring a carpenter to come and give us an estimate for shelves. I mean, I'm ashamed to be doing that when I read blogs like that of Rachel who would not need to do so but yes. I am working on accepting my limitations...


Alittlebitsheepish said...

We went with the shelves option when I needed to house my books. Just sturdy planks of wood on shelf supports screwed to the wall.

Did try to buy some shelves, but they have a weight limit, in trying to work out how many books would meet the 10kg limit I broke my scales (dropped a book on them), which was something of a side benefit- I now make up my weight to suit myself.

I am now looking at the remaining, unshelved alcove in the house, there are always more books and never enough shelf.

The Foggy Knitter said...

Book case space is an eternal problem isn't it? There must be some sort of "book case:number of books owned" forumla out there that describes how no matter how many book cases and shelves you have, it's somehow never enough.

This is why I think book shops should have to sell book shelves as well, they cause the problem, they should help solve it!

rant over.

Rachel said...

That reminds me... there's a space for another four small shelves on the left of the chimney breast. I put up the ones on the right ages ago and it's been unbalanced ever since. They need painting to match the lower ones, too, but that could be tricky as the shop we bought the paint from has since gone bust.

Don't be ashamed. The chances of me ever knitting a lace shawl with skulls are... um, y'know, I'm not so good at accepting my limitations.

Vivianne said...

Ikea :-D 'Billy' bookcases.